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How do I do a Cupcake Bouquet?

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Hello...I am trying to do a cupcake bouquet for next weekend, Scared! Do I staple the cups to the plate?...and the ruffle under the plate?..Any suggestions , I would SOOOOOOOOOOo appreciate!! Thank youso much. Nicole
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I found these instructions posted on for the cupcake bouquets.

mbarajas04 on posted these

Here are the instructions on how to make the cupcake bouquets with some pictures also
19 cupcakes
19 5 oz. plastic cups
30 inches of cake ruffle (whatever color matches your theme)
One 10 1/2 inch plastic plate
Icing Tip # 2D
Decorations (Theme of your choice, use cake toppers for the center and you may use cupcake picks, sugar layons, edible sprinkles, cupcake rings, etc. to decorate all 19 cupcakes.

First begin with stapling the 19 cups together. Get one cup as the center and staple 6 cups around that one cup, then staples the remainder 12 cups all around the 6 cups, it will then give you a shape of a bouquet. ( I attached a picture so you can see what it has to look like)
Second get your 10" plate and cut out the edges. Then staple the cake ruffle all around the plate.
Third, insert your 19 cupcakes in each cup.
Fourth, lets decorate!! You will need your icing tip 2D with your frosting ( the frosting can be any kind you want as long as its white. Example buttercream or pastry pride whip topping.
Using tip and icing decorate the cupcakes. You can color the icing with cupcake color mist or you can color the icing before you decorate with icing color die. Then put the sprinkles all around the top of icing. Then in the center put your main cake topper. Last put the rest of decorations on each cupcake like picks, rings, and sugar layons.

Last if you want to transport the cupcakes in your car, use a 14" cake box and cut the top off the box and cut a 10" circle in the center of the top you cut off. After you cut the circle out fold the sides of the top 2 times then insert the top inside your 14" box. That will keep the cupcakes from moving anywhere. Place the cupcake bouquet with plate in your 14"box.

Hope this helps!
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Sorry, the pics didn't post with it!
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I believe that this is a tutorial of a gal here at CC.

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It probaby is. I think I've seen the same cupcake pics on both sites so the same person probably posted it to both sites. I just couldn't find it here to post it.
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Thank you for all your help!! I appreciate it..I am still new at the forum...Well this part..and I had to search for the reply's that normal?
thanks again...
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To find a topic that you have posted in, just click 'My Forum Info' and then 'Watched Topics". Everything you have posted to should be listed there.
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Help! I am not understanding the part of the instructions about the plastic plate. Are there pictures showing the steps? Or can someone explain it differently so thick-headed me can understand? I'm a very visual learner.
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If you suppress laughter, it goes down to your hips and spreads!!!
If you suppress laughter, it goes down to your hips and spreads!!!
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I made 2 of these bouquets yesterday for a church event and they turned out pretty good so I'll tell you what I did. I don't know if what I did is exactly like the originals, though. I stapled the ruffle to a cheapo paper plate about an inch in from the edge. My little stapler wouldn't staple through the disposible plastic plate. Then I set this plate on the plastic plate for stability and the cupcakes on top of the paper plate. I didn't hot glue them together but I guess you could if you were worried they would come apart. Mine turned out great and I didn't have any problems transporting them. I made a 9" round cutout (traced a salad plate) in an old pizza box to set them in so they wouldn't slide around. Hope this helps.
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Oh, thanks for all you help starlght72. I had already finished mine when I read your pm. But I was on the right track.
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Thank you so much for your help. I feel better now..And by the way yours looks beautiful!! thank you again..Nicole
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Thank you so much for all your help everyone!!! I did just make one..It was fun...My icing didn't come out as nice as everyone elses pic's...Not sure what I did wrong..I used the 2D tip...Oh well..thanks again!!!
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I didn't have a 2D tip. I used a large closed star tip with about 1/4" opening. You need to use a large coupler or cut the bag to fit this tip. I don't know what number it is because there wasn't one on it (ateco tip).
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Both bouquets are quite lovely!!!

Great Job thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif
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