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chocolate frosting

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Hi guys i read the recipes for chocolate frosting, can anyone give me a suggestion for one that is real creamy and will with stand a 2 1/2 hour drive in warm weather. It is for a family get together.

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I would think the basic buttercream made with crisco and cocoa or melted chocolate would hold up well.

Hopefully, some others here have some good suggestions.

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I did the Wilton Buttercream Icing recipe and made it chocolate per their instructions. I did the cocoa powder, and if I were to ever try it again, I think I will use the melted chocolate route. The icing tasted good. My co-workers talked me into making my W Course 3 final tier cake in chocolate icing...picture in my photo gallery. Give it a shot...I think you would be please...Good luck.
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Charman - why do you think you would use the melted chocolate next time? Just wondering because I always use the cocoa.
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Seemed like the powdered cocoa made it drier (the icing)...thought next time I would tried the melted (more smoother/liquidy), and see if it makes a difference. Until I do that...I can't really say for sure which would be better. The other thing is the night I was making this was very humid so I think that might have had something to do with my thought process of next time use the melted...might blend better, etc. I have learned that cake decorating is all about trial and error!
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You could use a ganache/buttercream mix. 2 parts buttercream to 1 part ganache. Just be sure your buttercream is made of shortening.
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thanks for the tips i will be doing it tonight i think i will try the BC with melted chocolate..

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