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Retirement cake

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Hi everyone,
I need some dh has a coworker that is leaving his company after 35 years of working. He is trying to get the company to get the cake for the party from me. I'm a little nervous because it needs to serve 100+ people!!!
Here's my idea...2 11x15 pans iced together to make one huge sheet cake. On top use a 8 or 10in round and make a "spinner" type thing with different sayings (eg rest, sleep, go for a walk, snack, go gambling) and write on the cake "what will you do on your first day of your retirement?". I was going to make the arrow out of gumpaste and attach it to a dowel so it actually spins.
My husband doesn't seem crazy about this idea but he's not a very visual person. He ALWAYS says.."I can't picture it". Ugh!!
What do you think??
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i think it sounds great. try explaining it like the wheel of fourtune wheel maybe he will get it then. lol i will try to think of a few more ideas for you though.
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here is a link to a cake the member cakemommy made its for a vbirthday but it may give you dh an idea of what you mean.
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Thank you so much Susan!!! After all the heat he's been giving me about this cake he saw this pic and said "oh, that look like a good idea"....geez!!!
I'm drawing it out of paper for him now so that he can give it to the person in charge who is making the descision. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they're cool with the price tag...
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lol sending good cake karma your way. good luck hope you get the order.
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