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Getting started in the business??

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I would love to work in a 'real' shop on the weekends - how easy would it be to get a job in a great store? I have less than a year of decorating, but I'm passionate. I want to learn, learn, learn. Maybe even 'quit my day job' someday. I can't see opening my own place, or even doing single cake orders here and there for payment, so working/learning from someone else seems like my best bet.

Is the industry flooded with talent and I would find it impossible, or is there a shortage of hard workers and I might have a shot - or maybe somewhere in between..........

Your ideas ladies? (Especially anyone in Northern California)

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I'm not in Cali, but I am an Elementary teacher and as I am "unemployed" for the summer months, I applied for a job as the cake decorator at a local grocery store. I got it with having experience only from home. I wanted this job because I want to open up a shop one day. Anyhow, it's crazy busy and messy. Not only do I decorate cakes, I get to make pies and pastries and cheesecakes,'s been a wonderful learning experience so far! I'm glad I took the chance for this job. If you want to learn loads of things getting a job in a bakery is the way to go.
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I'm kind of in the same boat - I really want to be in the business of decorating - but I have just moved to a small town. I am still a Wilton Instructor and will be for the remainder of summer - Commuting 2 hours one way just to do what I love - but as soon as the weather gets cold the roads will be far too unpredictible to make the trip.
Aside from all that - there is no bakery here, and the closest bakery ( a town half an hour away) doesn't make cakes!!!
I'm kind of nervous getting into the market all on my own - I have worked in a shop before and know how busy it can be. My question - How do I market my little business in this little town? You would think it would be easier - being so small and all - icon_biggrin.gif If anyone has any ideas - Im sure there are lots of us who would like to know.
Good decorating hides bad baking.
Good decorating hides bad baking.
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you should go for it!!!! donate a few cakes to charity or your church just let let the word out that you decorate cakes....then people will begin to call you...being from a small town, you may be able to just do orders as they come up...but if there isnt any other opt. for the people you may get really big! then can consider getting a liscense or not.
have fun and get your name out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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