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Cake Storage

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I am making a weddingcake for the first time for a wedding on sat. july 9th. Would it be ok to leave the cake out overnight if I am able to finnish it on Friday night? As requested the cake will be filled with buttercream. I have never make such a big cake efore and am affraid the my fridge wont handel it.

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Try searching the forums for related topics if you don't get an answer - there have been VOLUMES written with different opinions on this subject.....
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It depends on the heat and humidity in your house. I just finished baking all the layers/tiers for a wedding cake for's only Wednesday. I baked 2 of each: 6", 10", 12". I am leaving the cakes out over night, frosting them tomorrow morning then putting them in the fridge for one night. It's been hot here, so I don't want to leave the cakes out for more than one night.
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As long as your filling does not require refrigeration (my bc does not), then it is just fine to leave out over night.

I always decorate my cakes (wedding or otherwise) the day before and then put them in my basement overnight in the summer. It's cooler down there--but now "refirgerator" cold.

Personally, I don't care for cold, cold cakes--it makes them feel dry.

Good luck this weekend!

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