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fudge base?

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anyone know about putting a fudge base in their buttercream?
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I always use it, but it isn't too widely known here (I discovered when I signed up last year). My cake decorating instructor (private) started me off with it, I think it makes a positive difference in my buttercream icing. Janice
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I've never heard of it, what is fudge base?
A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands!
A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands!
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where do you buy it? i have looked for it locally and people look at me like im crazy. i like the way it make the buttercream taste
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Do you use that in other thing than BC ???
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i'm not sure exactly what it is
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Sorry, I don't know exactly what it is, but it looks like a soft creamy vanilla fudge and I add 1 heaping tlsp to each batch of BCI. My teacher buys in a large container, and I get it from him. I'll get in touch with him and ask what it is exactly, and where to get it and get back to you. Janice
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I always use this in chocolate BC.

It is a fudge base.
It doesn't contain sugar.
If you taste it as is, it is very degusting but mixed in BC it is so goood.
It replace cocoa in chocolate BC. With that you don't have to be worried about small pieces of cocoa not mixed very well in chocolate BC

The quantities you put in BC depends on what colour ou texture of chocolate icing you want. If you put more you will arrive to a dark fudge chocolate.

I bought it in pastries suppliers in a big jar.

*** But I don't know anything else where we can use this ... icon_rolleyes.gif
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looks like you can get it at
search for Angel White FUDGEICE Icing Base
3lbs for $7.95
I have never used it, just found it interesting and "googled" it
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Thanks Sarge1 for the info.

Sue65, mine does not have anything resembling chocolate in it and it has a sweet, very pleasant taste.

Had to leave a message with Charlie, but am sure he will call back as soon as he can. He's been using this for at least 10 years that he has been decorating. Janice
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yea, the fudge base i'm talking about is white. i ask another cake decorater where i live but she said she didn't like using it and that she thought it gave the bc a bad taste. i think she didn't want me to try it. i learned about it from a previous job at a bakery. but they had it by the bucket. i have never been able to get my buttercream to have that very rich taste that they have and i buy cakes from them gor my birthday just so i can have some!
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A very generous CC'er shared info on a manufacturer of flavoring extracts for the confectionery and baking industries. (I'm sorry, I can't remember who, right off the top of my head. But you know who you are, and another big THANKS!!!!)

Anyway, the company doesn't have a website yet. But here's the info:

National Products/National Flavors out of Kalamazoo, MI.

Phone: 269-344-3640
Fax: 269-34-1037
Toll Free: 1-800-525-2431

They have Creme Bouquet in the GALLON size. As soon as I use up my Creme Royale, I'm so gonna get me my CB fix taken care of! icon_twisted.gif

But, back to the point, they carry icing bases:

705 - chocolate fudge base

712 - scotch creme base

711 - snow white base

I believe the snow white base to be the same product I got from Sugarcraft.

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Can you post an ingredient list for this, please.
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I use fudge base alot the white base. I usually mix a half and half to hi-ratio shortning its makes pretty good BC.
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I know this is old but I'm bringing it up again because I'd like to know if anyone has any info on this "fudge base" and where you can get it. Thanks
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