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storing a baked cake until frosting

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What is the best way to store a baked cake before frosting? I just finished baking, need to decorate tomorrow night, to be eaten Friday night. Will the cakes be okay wrapped in plastic wrap on the counter, or should I freeze them? Is it worth freezing them for a day? Will putting them in the fridge dry them out?

Thanks for the advice!
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you should be fine just wrapping them tightly in plastic wrap at room temp. i do this all the time and never had any problems.
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It's really up to you. I like freezing them because I think it helps retain the moisture. However, I usually put them in the freezer, wrapped still warm. Plus I think it's much easier to carve and trim when it's doesn't crumble as much.

Just my 2 cents, but wrapping and keeping on the counter would work well too. Some people really market with the saying "never frozen."

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I usually freeze mine if they have to sit more than a day before they get eaten too. They're so much easier to carve when they're frozen and it helps keep crumbs out of your icing too.
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I paint all of my cakes with apricot glaze. After they are painted with that, they could go in the freezer or sit on your counter for a few days. The apricot glaze seals the cake and doesn't let the moisture out. Even if my cake is not sitting out or getting frozen, I still use the apricot glaze for a crumb coat. It is amazing stuff.
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how long  can i leave cake in freezer,i forgot i put one in a few months ago,

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where can i find apricote glaze

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apricot glaze is warmed and strained apricot preserves--just store bought preserves--then you eat the big pieces of apricot on some toast and use the warmed strained part to brush on the cake or whatever--


i would eat a cake that had been stored for a few months in a good freezer--but i would not sell one like that--

read the ingredient label


read the ingredient label


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