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Melting Candy Melts in the Plastic Bottle

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Please help me out here. I tried melting Wilton Candy Melts in the Wilton Plastic Bottle last night. I filled the bottle half full with candy melts and melted in the microwave. The problem came when I tried to squeeze it out. It squeezed a little out and then the tip stopped up. I've tried this method before with no success. What am I doing wrong????

I need to make candies for a baby shower and I really don't want to have to spoon the candy melts in the molds.

I ended up melting in a decorator bag, which worked fine except that it was a little difficult to handle since it was hot. I would have used the bottle so I could have wrapped a towel around it.

Many thanks for all of your help!
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How about melting in a bag, so you can massage it all and then squeeze it into the bottle and...voila!
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I have the same issue... So I melt them in a tupperware and then pour the melted candy into the bottle... However, once you pour into the bottle, it usually hardens a bit by the time I am ready to do my next mold! So I nuke the bottle and massage it a bit... By the time I am done, my bottles are pretty much trash and they get microwaved too much! UGH... Let me know if you come up with a great solution! Good luck.
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The reason it stopped up is because you had partially unmelted candy melts in there. To be sure that your melts are melted you can first do it in a bowl so you can stir it.. or you can take a skewer and swirl it around in the bottle to check to see if there are any that still need to be melted. Also.. keep a pot of hot water on the stove so you can sit it in there for a few minutes when it starts to firm up.
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the bottle is still a little difficult to handle when it is hot. It sounds like you are not getting the chocolate fully melted. i have found when using the bottle, the trick is to microwave it for about a minute on lower power then really massage the chocolate inside and then micro some more until it is fully melted. You can also stir the chocolate with a chopstick.

Honestly, I still have yet to find a way that I really like to melt and fill chocolate molds.
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I also melt them in a bowl and then pour into a disposable decorating bag. I find they need stirred between meltings for a smoother consistency. I can snip the end to the exact size I need and there is less waste .... I can never get all the chocolate out of that freakin' bottle! Plus no clean up ..... bag goes right in the trash when I'm done!

The only down side is the melted chocolate makes the bag a little warm against my hand. (ok...sometimes it's downright hot!). If that's the case, I just wrap a paper towel around it while holding it.
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Thank you all for your suggestions. Needless to say, I was very frustrated last night!

Indydebi - I am going to try your method when I do the candies. I am thinking that will be just as quick and look neater than my trusty baby spoon.
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I melt chocolate in a heatproof measuring cup with a spout to make it easier transferring to a piping bag or plastic squeeze bottles. When making chocolate transfers, I use parchment paper, otherwise, I use the plastic squeeze bottles.
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Thank you all so much for your responses.

Last night, I needed to make candy mints and had to melt two packages of candy melts. So I used my little 2-quart crockpot on the low setting. Worked like a dream! I then used a piping bag to fill the mold. I was using the Wilton mini baby icon molds and found that just the piping bag with the end cut out was not getting into all of the little crevices, so I used a round tip (#5 I think) without the coupler. It worked wonderfully!

Thank you all again!
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