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What is with all the fighting, mean spirited sarcasm, personal attacks, etc that I am seeing on the forum lately?

If anyone is under the impression that this behaviour is acceptable, then let me fix that right now.

Cake Central is a place for sharing, support, and understanding. All members need to consider the tone of their posts before hitting the submit button.

This community needs to remain safe and comfortable for both adults and children, and we will continue to take whatever steps are necessary to keep it a fun and happy place.

This includes banning people.

There is this misconception out there that the right of free speech allows you to say anything you want here. This is not true. The right of free speech allows you to post whatever you want to say on your own website.

So please, cut out the rudeness, and if someone else is rude to you, ignore them and PM a moderator about it, let us handle it.

Embrace the love and support of CC, and practice disagreeing with dignity.

This is a locked thread, if someone has a problem with anything I have said here, feel free to PM me about it.