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I can totally relate, I made a cake for my parents 25th anniversary and I set it in the garage to keep cool, well the dog get a hold of it and ate half the cake. I didn't even get a picture of the cake before he ate it. It made me feel better that everyone got a laugh out of it though.
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I showed my husband this and he also laughed his booty off. I wont forget this one it is so funny
Up to this day, my children have stollen a peice of every finished cake!!!
Up to this day, my children have stollen a peice of every finished cake!!!
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I'm laughing myself blue here! icon_razz.gif What a great slogan. I have 2 pet stories for you.

I had made the Wilton Character pan, football helmet for one of my customers son. I had flavored the icing grape since the color of the school was purple and yellow.

I used the purple colored, grape flavored icing to decorate the cake and placed the cake on on the picnic table of my covered porch as my children had the dog inside the house. I wasn't too worried about the cake since I knew the dog couldn't reach it anyway.

Ha, why do we underestimate the intelligence of out 4 legged friends? Little did I know if BEAR, the dog, stretched out his tongue...he was just able to lick the icing off a corner of the cake! YIKES. I never noticed it till it was time to box the cake! OMG what do I do now...I was almost tempted to just reice the misisng part but knew that if I did that I would NEVER be able to eat anyone's cakes ever again..(thinking that they could do the same thing..hahaha)

Soooo....thank goodness the ONLY time I'm not running on "MARATIME" is when I do cakes. ( I have a REAL bad habit of always being late..sorry!)...knowing that I still had about an hour before I had to have the cake at the party....I baked and decorated another one...whew! this is when you have to kiss your freezers!

My family and I have started to celebrate what I call "SPANISH CHRISTMAS"....January 6th...(Orthodox Christmas, Epiphany..yada, yada, yada) because of the type of business and jobs we have we have always had to be away from family on Christmas.

So....after I had done all my Clients Xmas baking and packing and was time to do my families goodies. Traditionally, I make all the desserts for big family events and bring boxes and ribbons so everyone can take their fav home all tied up in pretty ribbons.

I had made small 2 layered rum cakes with brandy icing that called to be made with whipping cream. I had about 5 cakes on my dinning room table, ready to be packed to go the next day.....when I get up the next day, I see my hubby and kids all nervious and looking at me....I knew something was up.

When I go upstairs to the kitchen, I see that ALL the cakes had had the edges bitten off. The cat had gotten on the table and very delicately bitten off the edges all around the top tiers of the cakes! UGH!

Needless to say, they too went into the trash and my family had to make due with the dozens of cookies, pastries,candies, tarts, pies and cheesecakes

I am glad that you are not angry at your pet for doing what animals do. When our pets misbehave, you must chalk it up to bad human guidance! Baaaaaaaad hubby!
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