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FBCT, definitely.
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pushing down on your cakes as soon as you take them out of the oven to level them

viva paper towel trick's not just for breakfast anymore!
Reply's not just for breakfast anymore!
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Originally Posted by KlyKat

I have to agree with using yourcake scraps and the caramel/vanilla coffeemate. I didn't know about the flower nail either, I'll have to try that! Thanks for sharing rezzycakes!!!!!

Thanks for starting this thread, Patton78 thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif K'ly ^,,^

Thanks in advance to EVERYONE!!! I know we are going to get ALOT of new ideas.

What have I missed about caramel/vanilla coffeemate? It sounds good. Anything with caramel sounds good!

My two favorites things that I have learned is that you can use Hearshey's Kisses for rose centers and the Viva method.

But most importantly that there are people out there that aren't afraid to share their knowledge, their recipes, their mistakes and their praises with others. It's wonderlful!
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Ditto on the leveling by weight when cake is removed from the oven. Nice time saver!!
One grandson is complaining he doesn't get the ''top'' anymore!!! I had always cut the removed extra in half, then filled with icing to make an impromtu ''whoopie pie'' for him.
Be nice to everyone, because everybody is wrestling with their own personal "giants".
Be nice to everyone, because everybody is wrestling with their own personal "giants".
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I have learned many things including the FBCT, and I can't wait to try the flower nail. I liked learning I have options other than Wilton. But most definitely I like the fact that other people go through the same things I do when making a cake. I wonder do any of the rest of you pray over cakes? I have a daughter who that is her job on "cake day". Thanks to everyone who is willing to share their secrets it sure makes a difference.
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I tried the vanilla/caramel creamer thing today and just finished the cake scraps....oh my oh my oh my! Right now, while I am in cake-scrap euphoria, that is the best tip.....but I have also really used the Viva towel trick quite a bit!
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All of the above!!!

those are great tricks and tips!!!

And I can also add: tootsie rolls/starburst flowers!!!!

Gotta love CC!!!!!
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OMG what have I not learned on this site. I am new to cake decorating still taking classes and I have noticed that the Wilton instructor does not tell you any little secrets. I am going to be trying the flower nail and the fbct this weekend. I just read the tip about using hersheys kisses for roses. I am horrible at roses though I am getting better how does the kisses work. I could go on and on there is so many wonderful people on this board that shares there ideas and tips. Hope some day I can share something I have learned. Thanks
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Wow, this caramel/vanilla creamer sounds great! How much do you add into your mix??? And flavors besides white and yellow do you use it in??
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I would have to be the viva method.
If its not cake,why eat it???
If its not cake,why eat it???
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For me, it's been the Viva method, the flower nail and even though I haven't yet tried it, FCBT and chocolate transfer.
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The best thing I have learned from CC is the FBCT!!

But, I'm still learning new things everyday and that's great, too!!!
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Ok, so I'm really new at this and feel like I don't even know the basics! So, what's FBCT and the viva method? Thanks!! >^..^<
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MMF and FBCT. Never even knew these things existed! Just having you guys to consult with. I used to talk people out of fondant because I did not know how to make it and Wilton is yuck! I have been so much more creative since getting on this site. I can tell week to week the improvements in my work. Thanks everybody at CC!!! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif
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