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Isn't this humidity fun?
I think you have to order the tylose on-line from I haven't found it in Canada, unless McCalls in Toronto has it on-line. may have it, try emailing them to ask, I haven;t seen it in their on-line store, but then I haven't looked too carefully recently. It seems to work well for folks in areas of high humidity.
The royal glue dries almost immediately.
I think the weight of the scrolly things is an issue too, I am wondering if putting them seam side down would help. Also attaching the inside curl with the royal glue so it doesn't spring loose.
Most fondant decorations need 72 hours or a week to dry. BUt that darn humidity can really cause issues.
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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Hi Squirrelly, yes the weight of the scrolls is the main issue I think...neither the royal glue or royal icing would hold them I just stuck them to the cake and the cake board with royal icing. It doesn't look horrible, but I'm annoyed because I'm a perfectionist! icon_razz.gif I'm probably more upset about it than the lady ordering it. I already called her and explained what happened. Thanks again for your help icon_smile.gif
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You know Galaglow, that cake looks so darn good, even if the scrollys fall off, it looks like it is supposed to be like that! Really well done!
Hugs Squirrelly
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