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Duncan Hines or Any other box mix white cake mixes

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I am all new to this making and decorating cakes thing. I just started taking cake decorating classes and of course they dont teach us how to make the cake just decorate them. I was wanting to know if anyone knows how to make the alterationsor measurements for white cake box mixes to make them more moist and more of a bakery taste rather than just a box mix.Or if any one knows of good white cake recipes that taste like the bakery or white wedding cake recipes. Thanks
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White Almond Sour Cream Cake. I don't dig on Almond so I replace it with cream bouquet. MMMM.
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My most requested recipe is what my friend dubbed "Rich White Cake". The recipe is:

1 box Duncan Hines White Cake Mix
1 1/3 cups milk
3 WHOLE eggs
2 tablespoons oil (when making a stacked/tiered cake-reduce to 1 tablespoon)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla flavoring
1/2 teaspoon almond flavoring

Mix and bake as directed on box.

For children's cakes, I use 1 teaspoon vanilla flavoring and leave out the almond.
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I have two different thing I do to my Duncan Hines cake mix

Always make the recipe on the box:

to make more moist and i package instant pudding and an egg

to make moist and more batter
cake extender
1extra egg
1 instant pudding
1 cup flour, sugar, and sour cream
make the most most dense cake

the CC'er here have the best idead
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I second the WASC cake recommendation!

That's my most requested cake and there are many flavor variations:

You can change the extracts, cake mix flavors, use berry or lemon juice, liquor or liqueur, white chocolate, raspberries or strawberries.

See also:
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I learned after a wedding cake this past weekend to use big eggs and the more you beat your cake mix the softer it is, i usually put mine in the mixer and get it mixed up and let it mix while Im getting my pan ready ive also learned that pillsbury cake mixes is alot better than duncan hines or betty crocker
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For a vanilla cake I use Betty Crocker Golden Vanilla and add nothing to it. I get customers requesting it over and over again. They want my moist, delicious vanilla flavor cake and I laugh to myself because Betty Crocker did all the work...I just followed the direction on the box!
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Try white cake mix, use the extender recipe, and when you add your water....leave out 1/3 and add Butter Pecan liquid coffee creamer. Don't add any other flavoring or extract as the recipe suggests. The first time I made this combination everyone raved over the flavor and it was very moist. Held up well also....I used it for a stacked cake (pic of going away cake/"We'll miss ewe." HTH
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I use Betty Crocker French Vanilla or Golden Yellow. I always have guests surprised with how moist and delicious it is They are always expecting to have a dry cake and thier eye's light up when they take a bite of it.

I know that your commercial mixes are made with a special kind of sugar to give them shelf life, keeping it moist and delicious for 1-2 weeks at a time. I think just a couple of years ago it was released to the general public to be used in the grocery stores and I am pretty sure from the taste and texture that that is what Betty Crocker uses.

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I am a Pillsbury girl all the way!!!
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I've used the extender recipe and thw WASC recipes here. Love them both!
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I'm a Pillsbury gal as well.

What I've learned in the past few times (to have it real smooth) is I mix the mix, eggs and oil first and then add the water as it is mixing (on low speed of course, unless you want a mess in teh kitchen). Anyway, it leaves it real nice and smooth. Just let it mix for a while (while fixxing the pans), otherwise you can end up with a little dougher mixture at the bottom of the bowl.
Cake decorating ROCKS!!
Cake decorating ROCKS!!
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PILLSBURY!!!!! All the way!!

I agree with CCR03 i let mine mix for awhile and it comes out soo smooth. Everyone thinks its homemade. I also add an extra egg. I have played the with mix and come up with some good cakes!
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I use Betty Crocker, when I am making vanilla flavor y use Golden Vanilla, and for chocolate flavor, I use Milk chocolate, but I use milk instead of water, the flavor is better.
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My first choice is Betty Crocker (using the oil recipe instead of the butter recipe) icon_biggrin.gif

2nd choice is Pillsbury icon_smile.gif

Duncan Hines comes in last. Their cakes seem dry. thumbsdown.gif
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