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Time to Vote!

Thanks to everyone who submitted thier wonderful cakes into the contest!
View all the contest entires, and vote.

Everyone is encouraged to rate each one of the cakes submitted. Even if you did not submit a cake, you can still vote.
Click here to read the full details of the contest.

Votes must be placed from June 24th 2005 - July 1st 2005
• You may only rate each photo in the contest once.
• You can vote on as many photos as you want.
• Anyone that is a registered member of can rate the photos.
• Any unconstructive comments will be removed.
• Scores are based on the cumulative total of the votes received NOT the average rating.
• The Winner will be announced on July 1st, 2005.

How Do You Vote?
First, View all the contest entires
You will need to click on each thumbnail image to view the fullsize and get to the area to vote.
Once you are viewing a full-size image You will see a series of "star" images below it.
Ratings Box Example:

Poor Poor
Fair Fair
Good Good
Great Great
Excellent Excellent
The Best! The Best!

If you like the cake and you think it should win and want to give it the highest vote you can,
you would click "The Best The Best!".
Voting is anonymous, so it will not show who placed which vote.

Also, For your convenience, you can easily navigate to the next, or previous photo in the contest without having to go back to the thumbnail page each time you vote. At the top-right of each full-size image you will see 2 arrows to navigate to the previous, or next photo in the contest: See previous picture See next picture

Please note, that you will not be able to comment on photos in the contest, until the contest is over.

birthday.gif Jackie


birthday.gif Jackie