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it's under toba garrett's glace' icing
There are no excuses for success!
There are no excuses for success!
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Here is the recipe I saved when it was posted:

1 lb. confectioner's sugar
6 tbsp. milk or water
6 tbsp. light corn syrup
flavoring of your choice

To make the thicker version needed for outlining, stir a couple of tablespoons of confectioner's sugar into a cup of the icing

Love those milk containers!! Very creative.

Edited to include the link. Here is the link for on here:
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kneadacookie - WOW! very creative!!

kstgelais4 - I like your apples - great job!!
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icon_eek.gif WOW!! Love your cookies!!! They are so cool and original. Great job. I'm a Toba fan as well! icon_wink.gif

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Here are some cookies I did for my son's 6th grade math class last year (my first picture post, too). I used to do the cute ones when he was in the younger grades, but then he started growing up and didn't ask me to make them again icon_redface.gif ... until last year icon_smile.gif !! I got the ideas from math t-shirts that I found on the web.
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Those are adorable! I'm sure the class loved them....even if they really hated
Learn from every experience. Say, "Next time I'll try it this way", and move on.
Learn from every experience. Say, "Next time I'll try it this way", and move on.
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Wow! Those are great! Did you pipe the writing or is that edible marker? They look fantastic!
~ ~ Melanie
~ ~ Melanie
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icon_lol.gif I love the "I love apple pie"! Great cookies! Really clever.

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WOW how on earth did you draw that cat! That is awesome!! Your writing is very neat on such a small cookie. I can't even write one word that is readable on a cookie. icon_redface.gificon_redface.gif Yeah the apple pie one is very clever. Great cookies. thumbs_up.gif
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Tscookies - AMAZING! Really gret idea for older kids.
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I used a projector to make the triangles on the cat and for all of the writing. It takes FOREVER! However, I have since discovered that if you add some corn syrup to your writing icing, you can go a little faster and it doesn't break as much while you're piping.

I used royal icing to do all of the writing except for the algorithm. For that I used an edible marker. Plus, I had to do that freehand b/c my Kopykake projector doesn't always give me clear, crisp lines to trace (very frustrated about that ... but that'll be a new thread). Anyhow, now that I have a printer for doing edible images, next time I would use that for the algorithm.
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Really just a BIG THANK YOU to all the cookie devotees on the website. I found cake central when I started my Wilton I class....but because of this group I love cookies even more.

I'm not the creative type so I didn't figure I'd post to this thread....but on Friday I realized that I needed a thank you gift for the teachers at my daughter's school. I couldn't have been luckier to have such wonderful examples. And, thanks to the discussion about making templates, I didn't need to panic Friday night when I didn't happen to have the cookie cutter that I wanted. I just drew it on cardboard, laminated it and cut the template out. A bit slower than a cookie cutter (but MUCH faster than waiting for UPS for my cutters to arrive)!

So, here are merely my copies of other cookies here on CC. But the teachers were very pleased (and so was I).

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Wow great cookies. Love the schoolhouse one. I'm sure the teachers loved them. They are so shiny looking. thumbs_up.gif

I'm almost ashamed to make my cookies now. After all these great cookies being posted. icon_redface.gificon_redface.gificon_wink.gif
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All of your cookies are wonderful!
I am new and trying my hand at it icon_wink.gif

I tried to outline some cookies last night but my icing was too thin (I guess).
The out line icing ran down the sides of the cookies.
I guess it would have been the right thickness to fill in the cookies.

I just used went ahead and covered the cookies using a small spatula.
They dried nicely, but I wanted to get that nice finished look like you guys get on your cookies.

So should I add some more powdered sugar to some of the icing
and try the to make the outline again on some new cookies???

Then fill it in using the orginal icing?
I am using Toba's recipe.
(* a little confused * icon_wink.gif
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ICDMARIE - Yup, just add powered sugar to Toba's Glace' Icing to make it stiff enough for outlining. It takes about 1-1/2 Tbspns per 1/2 cup of mixed up Glace' to make it work. (I had the VERY same problem the first time I tried....and almost gave up with that icing untilI read Toba's Cookie book.) Keep at it. Cookies are SOOOO much fun.
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