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forgot to add oil to cake - would it work for cakeballs?

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I have never made cake balls & in fact just heard of them for the first time when I found this site a couple weeks ago. I am making cake for 250 people this weekend and had a little mishap with one of the 16" heart shaped layers. I forgot to put the oil in the cake mix.
I'm going to make another layer but before throwing it out was wonderiing if it would work in the cakeball recipe. It used 14 cups of batter!
I tried the cake and can't really taste much of a difference - it didn't rise quite as much thougb so I think the texture is a little more dense.


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ive done that before where i forgot the oil or an egg. but ive never made cakeballs so im sure if it will work or not
its starting to look alot like baking.
its starting to look alot like baking.
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What are cake balls? Sounds interesting. icon_confused.gif
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I never add oil to my cakes and they come out just fine.
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I don't see why you couldn't since you'll be using liquid to "gel" the balls together anyways.

I made these for the first time yesterday and today for a get together I had this afternoon. I made about 7 dozen - SO GOOD! They were fun to make and the possibilities are endless. Everyone raved over them and asked if I'd sell them.

I used vanilla/almond cake with amaretto and chocolate cake with Bailey's and Heath crunch pieces. icon_razz.gif

Sarahscakes, here is the recipe I got from here for the cake balls:

Cookieman's recipe...

2 cups crumbled cake scraps
2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa powder (if cake scraps are not chocolate based)
1/4 cup chopped almonnds (or any other nut you like, or mini-chocolate chips, or M&Ms, you get the idea!)
2 generous shots of amaretto (or any other liquer you may like, a good non-alcohol substitution is any flavored coffee creamer)

Put all ingredients in a mixer and mix on medium speed until the ingedients form a ball. If the mixture seems too dry, add a bit more of the liquid used to make it moist enough to form into balls.

I use a tablespoon cookie scoop to make the balls uniform in size. Roll the scooped dough in your hands to form a nice smooth ball. Allow cake balls to set on a parchment lined cookie sheet for a couple of hours, then dip them in chocolate(following) or roll them in confectioners' sugar or cocoa.

Melt 1 lb. of candy melts and add approximately a tablespoons of crisco to make it a bit more smooth. Also, put the container (in my case, a pyrex measuring cup) of melted candy melts in a very hot (I use amost boiling) water bath to keep the chocolate fluid. dip balls into the chocolate using a spoon and a dipping fork (in my case, a plastic fork with the two middle tines cut out) Don't worry if the dipped balls have a "foot" at the base after drying. You can break some off after they have hardened and once they are in the little cake liners, no one will notice. Also, you can decorate the tops with just about anything, sprinkles, candy confetti, chopped nuts, etc. before they dry. Or after they've dried, pipe designs with royal icing or melted candy melts of different colors!
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you can also cut cake in small bit size chucks . then put a layer of cake then choc pudding,cake,pudding. top with cool family love this!
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