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Turn fondant into gum paste?

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Is it possible to turn fondant into gum paste? I need to strengthen my fondant to create a topper out of gum paste. Is this possible? Specifically, i am using chocolate fondant. Thanks!

First post... am loving reading all the help and discussions!
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i would like to know as well... sorry no help
cake happy !!
cake happy !!
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In the books I have from england they put either gum trag......dont know how to spell it or tylo powder in sugarpaste to make modeling paste. I dont knoe if that is the same as gum paste????

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Squirrelly Cakes (a member on here) told us about being able to use one packet of Polident powder to a baseball-sized piece of fondant. When you mix the two, they end up just like gumpaste! icon_smile.gif

I've never tried it.
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Do you have an amount per pound of gum trag?
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Also my first post, but I've lurked for a while. icon_redface.gif

I have made gumpaste by adding Tylose powder to prepared fondant. The proportion I used was 1 T. tylose to 1 lb. of fondant. But if it's very humid, you may need a little more.

The easiest way I've found to do this is to sprinkle the work surface with the Tylose and knead the fondant over it until the powder is mixed in well. Hope this helps!
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Toba Garrett gave us a formula for "quick gumpaste" made using 1 pound of commercially prepared fondant and 1 teaspoon of Tylose kneaded together with 1/2 teaspoon of shortening. Nicholas Lodge said that this did work, but the resulting gumpaste is not quite as strong as regular gumpaste. Adding more tylose will help it to dry faster, but you will need to work quickly icon_lol.gif
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I've added the powdered fixodent to fondant and it works really well!! Add about 1 tsp of powdered fixodent to a wad of fondant/MMF about the size of a baseball. It has to be the powdered fixodent. Here are a few cakes where I've used "fixed MMF"

The spout and handle

Tink's wings

The body and extremities
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This may be a silly question, but do you mean the fixodent that you put on false teeth and could this be eaten after putting it in the MMF?
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Yes, that's the fixodent I've used - powdered fixodent for dentures. It goes in your mouth, so it's definitely not toxic. But if you're trying to get a piece to harden, just like gumpaste, then that decoration usually is not meant to be eaten.
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I'm a fan of using commercial fondant w/ tylose powder kneaded in. I live in a high humidity area and this dries faster/harder than regular gumpaste!
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Could you use gumtex instead of tylose in your MMF to make it stiffer. I'm trying to make the bill of a ball cap and I don't have tylose but have some gumtex.
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Yes, gumtex will also work.
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Thank you for getting back so quickly. I haven't done a lot with gumpaste type things and I'm going to try a ball cap for my grandsons 1st BD.
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so what's the ratio exactly? is it 1 tablespoon of tylose to 1 lb of fondant or is it 1 teaspoon of tylose to 1 lb of fondant?
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