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sugar work

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I am interested in learning sugar art but I am having a hard time finding any books I have looked at the library and on barnes and noble. can you recomend any? Thanks
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You can go to E-Bay and type in sugarwork under books but be forewarned it will run you about $100 for the book. Go to there is a tuturioal there on doing a rose and a swan it may help get you started. Also Google sugarcraft and sugarpaste sometimes books come up that way you can also check E-Bay. Good Luck. Maybe one of the experts here will have some more info.
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There are three books in the International School of Sugarcraft series that you might like. I've checked out the first two and found them very helpful. Here's an amazon link:

I believe Nicholas Lodge also has DVDs. Google him for his website.
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I've used books one and two International School of Sugarcraft and found them excellent. There is a also a book III . Also books by Lindsay John Bradshaw.
I prefer to dream in fondant and buttercream!
I prefer to dream in fondant and buttercream!
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There you go. They are good books. The book I was referring to was "The Textbook of Sugar Pouring and Pulling".
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