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need help making turtles

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I have a turtle candy mold I would like to fill with turtles candy filling. I know to coat my mold with choc & let harden b/4 adding filling but I'm wondering how difficult is it filling these molds with the sticky carmel filling. Does anyone have any tips on working with this type filling?

Also, does anyone have a good "turtles" recipe? Thanks.
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well, I've never used a mold..

just would lay the five whole pecan pieces (head and four feet) on a piece of waxpaper.

then a big glop of caramel that had been cooked to point of being chewy when cooled as added using a wooden spoon.

then after that had cooled, transferred to a wire rack and chocolate coating poured over (excess drips through rack and can be reused).

best whole pecans possible.
any good caramel, like the little cello-wrapped candies melted
and a really good chocolate milk or dark melted.
Keep on cakin'!
Keep on cakin'!
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1) fill the molds with tempered chocolate, turn over and let excess drip out.

2) allow to set a bit (doesn't have to be completely solid)

work kinda fast for 3 and 4

3) Microwave caramel (either Peter's or Kraft) in a medium bowl, while still hot, spoon a bit into each mold...

4) immediately cover with 3 pecans halves (I'm gauging the size of the mold, doubt if you can get 5 in there)
(working fast here lets the pecans set with the caramel so when eaten it will not fall apart)

5) let cool for a few minutes (the caramel will loose some of its sheen)

6) cover tops with tempered chocolate.

7) allow to harden in fridge or freezer and unmold.

You will know when they are ready to be unmolded when you can see a bit of cloudiness on the bottom and sides.

I agree with Doug.. use the BEST and FRESHEST pecans you can find.

For the pecans, I roast them on a sheet pan with a bit of butter and salt until fragrant. This will tremendously improve the taste of your turtles. (I sell these as part of my business...Trust me!!!)
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Thanks for your help!
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I have those molds and they are a top seller for me.....I spoon melted chocolate (green or milk) into shell only portion...please broken pecans (I split in half) in mold for head, tail, and four feet....I buy the nestle carmel in the 5 lb logs and tear off a small ball shaped piece and flatten a bit an place on top of pecans then spoon additional melted chocolate over carmel. You do not want to fill your mold completely with chocolate as it will not have any definition and it will not look like a turtle....I love these.
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