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liquor flavored icing

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This may be a stupid question, but how can I make icing with a hint of bourbon flavor? I'm making a bourbon cake for my husband to be and I need some help with the icing. I've searched recipes.....but no help! icon_surprised.gif

Thanks in advance. I know someone on this site can help. You all are amazing! thumbs_up.gif
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I think I would probably flavor the cake itself with bourbon (replace a part of your other liquid with it) instead of putting it in the icing. To me bourbon is a very strong flavor, I'd be very cautious about how much I used, especially in the icing.

I've used amaretto in icing before, but not bourbon.
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Thanks so much! What flavor would you recommend for a bourbon flavored cake? Should I use the regular buttercream? I had planned on doing a BTC of a guitar. icon_lol.gif
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Maybe the best thing to do is go ahead and make the BC icing, and just take maybe a spoonful of it and put a tiny amount of bourbon in it and see how it tastes.

If you don't use the bourbon for flavoring the cake icing, I'd stick to using vanilla and maybe some lemon flavoring. Almond might be good, but I'm not sure how your cake flavor is going to be with the bourbon in it...this is going to have to be just by your taste since it is something new. Janice
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Thanks so much for your help, Janice. I made the cake last night and it has a buttery flavor, along with the bourbon. I think I'll use bc and flavor it with vanilla and butter combo...this should compliment the cake.

I saved the top, from leveling, and I'll use it to conduct taste tests.

Again, you are so helpful and always reply to my cries for help. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. thumbs_up.gif
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Thanks, Dena, it is good to know that I was able to help!

Sounds like your cake is going to be very tasty, if you really like it maybe you should post a recipe.

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