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Originally Posted by sunlover00

Hi guys...remember me? The person who's brand new printer stopped working the day before i needed a photo cake? Well guess what?
I received the replacement printer, and need it tonight, and ....yes, you guessed it. It doesn't work either!!! icon_mad.gificon_cry.gif
On top of that, Cannon won't replace it with a new one...they want to FIX this one! I was so angry and talked to supervisors etc who would not help me.

Tomorrow I am talking to Customer Services and will surely give them a pc of my mind!

Now I have to find an alternative to the carousel cake that they wanted tiny little pics of their 1-yr old daughter around it.

Thanks for allowing me to vent - my family have all left to get away from me!

Sometimes when you have major problems with consumers regarding merchandise whether a problem with a purchased printer, computer, video equipments, audio equipments etc. Usually if you don't get any results from the company where you purchased the item/s, in my past, I have sent a letter of compliant to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and believe me you get results. It might not be right away, but they do respond with a letter and even an e-mail. After filing the compliant with BBB, the company where merchandise was purchased, they would call you or send you a letter to come in to the store and get a new one or send you a new one. A case in point, I had problems with a cell phone company and wanted to charged me a reconnected fee of $250 and could not understand why they wanted to charge me this fee when my bill had been paid on time and to make matters even worse, they disconnected by cell phone service. When I called the company they gave me the run around and then hung up on me. Well after getting through, I spoke with someone in customer service got the person's name, date and time I made the call and was told that I had to call back during normal business hour; so I did that and again got the person's name etc., and still no results on the Y's. So I decided to file compliant with BBB and do you know that I got my cell phone service back on within a week and no reconnected fee was involved. The cell phone co. sent me a letter apologing about the matter and promise to provide better service in the future. I had no more problems with them. I have had other problems with other vendors and got excellent results after going through BBB. Just do not take no for an answer from companies that sell you their products that are either defective or give you a lemon for exchange, but make sure to look at the warrantee. I try to get a one/two year service contract or some of my equipments especially if the contract is worth buying. Sorry for the long winded message. icon_smile.gif
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I was "this" close to doing just that, but today I called the customer relations guy who'd called me at work after business hours, and he is sending me a NEW printer - no problems - no questions asked! Now, why couldn't they have just done that in the beginning!

Let's just hope the 3rd printer works this time! If not, I'm changing brands! thumbs_up.gif
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That's great thumbs_up.gif 3rd times the charm! Can't change brands though...the edible ink cartridges only fit Canon printers. They cornered the market on that deal.
Birthdays are just nature's way of telling us to eat more cake.
Birthdays are just nature's way of telling us to eat more cake.
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Hi Sunlover00! Well I'm glad that customer service is finally doing something about your printer and lets pray that this one works and if not, just write a letter to the BBB or Federal Trade Commission and believe me they don't want you to go this route, cause it gives their company a bad repreputation cause other customers will look up to see how many compliants was given to BBB or FTC and customers are going to think twice before purchasing their merchandise. Just my opinion what I would do and I hope this is helpful information. Have a wonderful day inspite of the circumstances cause in the end you will have a workable printer and even better than the other two. icon_smile.gif
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