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how do i transfer an image onto a cake?

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i want to do a classic pooh cake, how do i transfer the image onto a cake? i've read you use a coloring sheet? i am clueless asi have never done this before.
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click on articles and look at the butter cream transfer tutorial.
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oops, you beat me to it susan...Thanks!
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thanks so much ladies! this was just was i was looking for. so you just add it onto the cake like that? is it easy?
i'll give it a try tomorrow!
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no problem...... i gues it depends on what picture you are using on if its easy or not. i have only done oone and it was fairly easy. the more you practice the easier it gets.
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Try to start on images that have as few lines as possible, you know fewer details. That makes it easier to begin with, and you won't get discouraged. They are very fun to do and extremely versatile.
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I'm new to cake decorating and I don't know the best way of doing things - is the best way to transfer an image to use piping gel?
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piping gel or the toothpick method. (poking holes into wax paper then putting wax paper on top of cake and pressing to make the holes imprint on cake...and then do dot to dot or sprinkle powdered cocoa, sugar into holes while on cake.... kind of like a stencil)
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Thanks for that tip! I'm just finishing Course 3 and the only way that I knew how to transfer the image was with piping gel!
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my husband bought me a Projecta Scope w/extention arm to clamp to a table. You can put small pictures of almost any clip art color or black and white in it and project it on top of the cake. I did a bridal shower sheet cake that way. It had two flying doves holding a ribbon between them. I outlined it with #3 tip and buttercreme icing for writing. Then I filled in similar to doing character cakes.
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