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thanks for sharing!
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Of course you can't do the intricate patterns though. I'm just not the fondant type. Seems harder to do. I really like the ribbons attached!!
Any ideas from anyone on how to get similar patterns without using the fondant?

Smile..... it does wonders for you & others!
Smile..... it does wonders for you & others!
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i made some of the cookies in their book and i used mmf. i like the book too and i have tried to go to their shop a couple of times but i seem to always catch them when they are closed. they sell supplies there. i was looking for a patterned fondant roller.

i tried using the candy clay on a cookie instead of the mmf with royal decorations and my husband thought it was too sweet. i did like working with the mmf. it seemed like you could cover more cookies quicker with it and then go and put on royal icing details afterwards. i like assembly line things.

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So cute! Great site too.

I love their Dali clock cookies!!!!
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Great cookies. I need to make some for my daughter's bridal shower. How do you think they make theirs? Is it a sugar cookie and then fondant covering? It looks like they may use royal icing. Am I wrong? If you were to make them, how would you do it?
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Yes, they use Fondant.....they were on TV (FoodNetwork) b4 and the owner specifically said she only uses Fondant.

which is what I also do. It's very quick and beautiful, that's why I love it..and it always comes out perfect...Fondant taste the same on cookies, just like when it's on cake. icon_smile.gif
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I've eaten their cookies before, and they were very good. The cookie seemed like a basic butter cookie recipe. I don't know what kind of fondant they use - but I think in their book they mention that they buy it (vs. homemade). The fondant tasted light and simply sweet ... it's hard to describe I guess. It was a nice compliment to the cookie. One thing I noticed is that the cookies dried out pretty quickly - within a week they were to hard to bite into. They came with the bag folded over and sealed with a sticker - so maybe if they used a bag sealer they would've stayed fresher. I love the ribbon idea ... but I recently heard that ribbon isn't approved for food use (gosh, I hope that's not the case!). I once suggested to someone attaching ribbon to their cookies and they lady said "Oh no, I just know someone will end up eating it!"
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Yes, I saw in on Sugar Rush and I already had a link to the company's website so it was cool to watch

I am not so sure about using fondant to cover the base of the cookie... My husband said that he wouldn't eat them because he hates fondant.

But the cookies were real pretty and cute!!!
Its always about cake!!
Its always about cake!!
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I saw them on TV. Very cute.
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Thanks for sharing!Great cookies!
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