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I got a really good juice machine last year for Christmas....I think I'll try to make my own carrot juice! Much less expensive that way! Good idea about adding it instead of water. I hope it doesn't make it too moist and I get the cave-in cake again. icon_razz.gif

I can get carrot cake mixes also, but usually use a spice cake mix combined with a "from scratch" recipe. It is great. I think the carrot mix as it is on the box is good, but you just know its a mix...the carrots are really tiny. I never tried the additions tho....
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I have used both the Carrot and Spice cake box mixes. For both of them I add crushed pineapples, shredded carrots, raisins, pecans, and rum. With a homemade icing, I have never had any complaints. I have had older ladies tell me how good the cakes are. I never use a box cake mix without doctoring it up with something.
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What extras can you add to it? I have heard of crushed pineapple. Does that work? Will you taste it?
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