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how about a cream cheese based icing.
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Originally Posted by MemphisMom9801

Thanks so very much for that recipe, Fooby. Would this be way too much to frost an 8" square and 6" round? If so, I could half the recipe.

Depends on how thick you ice your cake and how much you're using to decorate. The last time I made a batch, I used it to fill and ice my 8 and 6 inch cakes and it was just enough. HTH.
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I know this isn't a decorated cake, but one of our favorites is a simple Jello cake with Cool Whip topping. YUM!!!! (Jello cake is white cake baked, poked with holes, and Jello minus 1/2 cup water poured over it and chilled)
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If it's because it's too sweet and you usually make the confectioner's sugar + crisco/butter kind, he might like an IMBC better.
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If he thinks american style buttercream is buttery then stay away from IMBC or any of it's cousins. I second (or third?) the suggestion for a whipped cream cheese frosting.
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I know nothing about IMBC so I'm assuming it's just as buttery. A couple of y'all gave out some recipes that look good and I may try one of those. I would LOVE to use cream cheese (can't go wrong with anything cream cheese IMO!!) but my husband wouldn't eat it... weirdo. icon_razz.gif Thanks for the help, y'all!

Kitagrl... a Jell-O cake is Yummy!! icon_smile.gif
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You should check the recipes here on CC there are quite a few different types and flavors. I love to expirement with icing. Some are great for icing others great for decorating only.
Debi Ashwood
Debi Ashwood
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What about a 7 minute icing?
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What does a 7-Minute Icing taste like? Is it like a meringue of sorts? Is it sweet?

Thanks for all the good responses so far... I really appreciate the help and ideas. icon_smile.gif
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yes.. a 7 minute or boiled icing is a meringue and it is sweet and fluffy. It's sticky and fluffy and sweet. I like it alot. There are a couple recipes around and different methods.. it's also fat free.. but not calorie free.. LOL.
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7-minute frosting is YUMMY! It tastes like homemade marshmallows!

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