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Ah Lasting Moments, well your call name fits your profession!
I have often heard of photographers having to deal with the freebies too. You are absolutely right, people don't complain about paying strangers, just friends and family members!
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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Crashdummy2, thank you for your reply on my issue. You know, I felt the same way you did about just not doing cakes anymore but I realized, I can't let one person rain on my parade and make me forget that I have a passion for doing cakes. People are always going to try to get over and worst of all what I have found, people become envious if they find out you are good at something that they are not. Cake decorating is an art and a science and not everyone has the knack to do it. So I take my hat off and applaud all cake decorators out there, including myself because it is a tough job. We can never charge enough because our work is worth much more than what we actually charge. Folks take advantage of us, those that do cakes at home, because they know if they go to a bakery, they would not get away with as much.
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Hi Crashdummy2

I too am sorry this happen to you. I know how you must have been feeling. I started something with my family that I had to put a stop to. My sister know I am crazy about my niece , 8 years old. She spends the night with me a lot. My sister wanted me to do a full sheet for free. I told her I did not have the supplies at that time. That she would have to at less buy the supplies. She had someone drop off ten dollars at my door and that was all. Silly me, I did the cake anyway, payed for the rest out of my pocket.. Three weeks later my much older niece ask me to do a full sheet cake for her baby shower and she would pay me at the shower. Trusting her, I did the cake(picture is in the photos). I have not been payed yet and that was over six weeks ago. I try to help my family out when I know they are low on money but this can kill your bussness. I told my next family member that they would have to pay up front and now they think am making deffer in family member. I just told her that no one gives me my supplies free, so I need the money up front. I have not hear back from her yet and that was just a week ago.

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I know how you all feel, I started doing cakes by practicing with my nephews. I would do their birthday cake as my "present" to them. Well, after I quit doing cakes for a while and then back to doing them I have been "charging" for them. My sister has a tanning bed and in exchange for a $20 birthday cake, she would give me $20 worth of tanning sessions. It's been like that for about 3 years. Well this year she started recommending me to some people helping me get my name out there, which I appreciate and I have told her that on many occasions. Well on the day of her oldest sons birthday (she had planned to have his "party" with family on Sunday) she called and said she was going to have a "surprise" party that evening with some of his friends and wanted a basketball cake. This was about 10am and wanted the cake by 6pm. I had to go to the store and get ingredients. When she asked me how much it would be, I told her $10. And she was like "After all the advertising I've done, don't I get a free cake!!" I said " well this is a $15 cake I'm giving for $10, besides just give me the tanning sessions." She said she can't do that anymore because she is going to need to buy new lights for it and needs to have money for it. Hello!!! I don't tan unless we have this deal because we don't have the money for it.
Okay so I go to the store, get everything I need. The cake is the round ball cakepan. By the time it was done it was 12pm I put it in the freezer, had to start on it by 3pm because we had a meeting at 6pm I had to get supper and get me and 3 kids ready for this meeting plus do this cake.
While I was getting everyone ready to leave, I turned around and the back half of the cake had fell!! I was so mad!! I did the best I could to fix it and had toothpicks in to hold it together. I delivered the cake before we went to the meeting and explained that since it was such short notice I couldn't get a good freeze on the cake and it fell, I did the best I could do. The son was thrilled he loved it. She said "Thanks" and that was it! By then we were running late and DH was honking outside. So I left and no money. Still to this day (4 months later) I still haven't seen the money. I know it was only $10 but still it's the point that family always seem to think they should get for free! I should be the one that determines what cakes I donate and what ones I don't.
This is the same sister that is ALWAYS called wanting me to donate cakes for this thing or that. I will donate some, but I can't donate to everything!!
Does anyone else donate to school functions to to funraisers?

Thanks for letting me ramble!

The "fabfour" includes:

Erin 12/28/99
Brett 5/13/01
Brady 2/13/04
Avery 2/28/07
The "fabfour" includes:

Erin 12/28/99
Brett 5/13/01
Brady 2/13/04
Avery 2/28/07
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We all need to vent sometimes! I think this kind of thing happens to everyone..I know I've had my share of "...gosh, that ticks me off" moments!! My BIL just pulled stunt like that a couple of weeks ago! It will be the last time though!! icon_rolleyes.gif

As far as donating...yep, I do a lot of that! Not only to get my name out but to help the local fire department and rescue squad. Other types of fundraisers that really get your name out are auctions. I make up a little sign, with my list of desserts and put it on a silver platter. It is for one dessert a month for twelve months and gets auctioned off to the highest bidder!
Whatever you do, do with all your heart!
Whatever you do, do with all your heart!
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Crashdummy, I am also sorry you are having to deal with this and I agree about getting money up front for that wedding cake if you haven't already done so.

I wouldn't worry much because you don't need customers like her. Any thinking and rational adult will laugh in her face if she cried to them about not getting cakes at half price. This isn't a barter system or a flea market. Don't let anyone make you feel did the right thing by asking her to remove her freeloading behind out of your house! icon_lol.gif

It is so very true that those closest to you will expect freebies if you don't set the standard from jump. The only freebies I do are for my immediate family, best friend and the cakes I donate monthly to the pet rescue shelter I volunteer at. Every now and then I bring in something to work but once it became a big investment for me, that slowed down tremendously! lol

At this point, I'd probably go as far as not doing the wedding cake at all (if it's not too close to the date) and advicing her to find someone else because I didn't feel comfortable.
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What is it with people that think that just because we do this out of our home, it must not be a big deal for us? Like we just pop the cakes in the oven, sit back (pop a few chocolates in our mouths), take it out and slap some frosting on it? Any schmuck could do that. People like that are so frustrating to have to deal with. They think they have this "inside track" with you because they know you personally. And it's almost like they have the attitude: "Well, you do this out of your home. It's not like you're a professional or anything."

ARGH!!! Very presumptuous (spelling is bad) and rude. GOOD FOR YOU FOR ASKING HER TO LEAVE AND TAKE THAT ATTITUDE WITH HER. Has she tried to talk to you since?
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i completely understand your situation...but i dont mind doin cakes for my family for free.. it gives me practice to try new things.. and when i tell them its the gift or dont worry bout it they always give me $$ anyway and it gets me more bussiness when their friends see it icon_smile.gif.. however for friends i make them pay. a woman i use to work with called me askin to make her cookies and a cake for 40 for this weekend.. i told her my price.. $1.75 per cookie and $2.00 a person for the cake.. its filled with chocolate mouse and has a fondant bow and fondant babies on it.. i normally charge an extra $20 for a bow, but im doin it for free... wouldnt u know it she called me today askin if i can lower the price on my cookies and mentioned that her daughter said my cake price is too high.. first off i thought the cake was for my friend.. not her daughter.. and i said that if she wants a cheap cake go to sams club.. shes gettin a deal with the mousse and the fondant ... of course im still doin the cake icon_smile.gif
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I get frustrated, no I get myself mostly.......when co-workers want to celebrate whatever with a pot luck and........."you'll bring the cake right"
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lol one time i wasnt asked to bring a cake to my cousins birthday party.. so i didnt make one.... i get there... and they go.. "you didnt bring a cake???" nope i didnt icon_biggrin.gif.. you want one you got to at least ask.. dont expect it and no im not callin to to see if you need one icon_smile.gif
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icon_biggrin.gif Hi everyone...I'm laughing now because it seems we are or have all been in the nightmare situation.

Calejo...No, she hasn't come down or called me since, but check this out, she will be the one returning my gear(pillars, cake plates to pillars,garland)etc..
So, this ought to be fun. But I will be my gracious self...

Well, my nightmare is just about over, today I baked one of the last of the bottom tiers, the 14x2 pans. I have one more layer to bake and I'm going to do that first thing in the AM. I just pulled the 14" out of the oven and it turned out beautifully..
I'm going to relax the rest of the evening now, because all day I have been building the topper tiers (8" rounds)x2, and the 12"rounds x2 and putting the icing on and the pearl dots.
And so far they turned out pretty.
So for the 14" I am going to let it cool overnite and flip it in the AM. I just love using that flower nail instead of the heating core.....

So, again I say THANKYOU so very very much for the support and having me get a chuckle reading the other situations you all have been in. I guess I can say that today I laugh at the situation because I do remember my neighbor mentioning that she was thinking of taking cake classes. what does that tell me?? Perhaps she is a shmuck...and is jealous.....??? icon_lol.gif
Turning Your Dreams Into Cakes...
Turning Your Dreams Into Cakes...
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Originally Posted by tcrema

Oh my goodness! Ok I put in about the beautician and cutting hair because that is what my Mom and Sister do for a living and have had so many people take advantage of them. And like you said, "i took 1500 hours of classes to get my license and xx amount of money...second i am not charging you at alll.....what is up with this??" I think that we 2 professions are the most taken advantage of!

I have to laugh because my neighbor cuts my hair and everyone else on the street. She is a SAHM, as are most of the moms on the street, and we all love going to her house because we take our kids and they can play while we get our hair cut, then she does our kids (she has a full station set up in her basement playroom that she had when she owned her own salon).

Most of us had a REAL problem paying her prices when she first started...because they were too LOW! We had all been going to nice local salons and paying $30-$50 for a haircut, but Denise refused to take more than $10 for an adult and $5 for a child....Foils were only $20 (I was paying $80). I can't tell you how many times I slipped extra money in to her drawer!
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Originally Posted by cakelady

I get frustrated, no I get myself mostly.......when co-workers want to celebrate whatever with a pot luck and........."you'll bring the cake right"

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I run my business on this slogan:

You know it's really interesting to see the mindet of people because they think because you run your business from your home that you are some kind of novice at this profession.

I have to use that because yes when people sit down with you to place the order they immediately expect all these cuts, when they say cuts i say " honey i am not a landscaper and cutting is not my profession."

And it's also amazing at the attitudes of some, when they start talking to you and they have to mention what a good neighbor and friend that they are and what they have and have not done,Immediately you know what's coming when they say that and sometimes you can look at their facial expressions and tell what they're up to, when i see that I will price my cake a tad higher because i know the " negotiation" is coming and i will make them think they're getting a deal and I win in the end.

As for the neighbor's cousin who's having the wedding.. a WORD OF CAUTION
I hope you didn't accept a partial payment on the cake order,because the work you put into that 14" honey they might try to shaft you on that whole deal by saying some flaw has occured with the cake etc.
And I do agree with others that "curiosity will kill the cat", that others will hear of how" bad" you are and be drawn by curiosity to see what your cakes are like and how good your work is, Ive found that in the past when people said a person was " bad" and I've had that person do work for me , I'll say it was the best work that i've ever seen done.

And the so called orders she would get you, I can tell your the orders wouldn't be that much or even that often,it would only be for her.
So in this business you have to have a good sense about you and read people,because yes they'd try to get over.
Someone mentioned the 3rd party order where they said it was for something and it turned out to be for someone else,they did it because they thought if they mentioned that person's name they'd get a " deal"
But it's laughable to see how people are with you as opposed to dealing with a bakery.
And yes i've heard the old" well i guess i can take that class too" stuff.
Honey that lady was put in her place when you told her what you had to tell her in front of the other neighbor and they figured if they said sam's or walmart you'd drop your price.
Good for you, I bet the other neighbor is still talking about how you put her in her place boasting that you'd drop your price with her around? what is she your supplier?
Be Good....
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I know what you mean....
My husband and I did wedding video and photography....and boy, the people would try to get you to cut your prices..... well, I got sick of it and I told them..... we put alot of hours into your wedding.... and when the weddings over....we're still not done..because we have the photos to go over after we get them back...and put albums together.....Would they do it for nothing??????
We got ripped off a few times....but we had our butts covered because we required a deposit....
You're always going to have those kind of people out there....
We cut wayyyyy back on the photography...and I don't video any more....tooooo much on me.....and the cakes I do......well...needless to say...I'm the picky one now as to who I'll bake cakes for....
What gets me is one time we did this wedding....and the couple had rented a limo.....when they were dropped off at the reception hall I saw the dad of the bride slip the limo driver a $100 .....boy was I a little up set....the guy only worked for them 1 hr......and we had over 15hrs in their wedding...... I should have said to them when they picked up their album.....I accept tips too you know....LOL.....Oh well.....that's the business.... live and learn.....

I do have a suggestion.....double your price of your wedding cakes....then when they look at you....and gasp.....say....I'll do one better....I'll cut the price in half for you...because I know you're spending alot on the wedding and you'll be getting your regular price.....just a thought.. timers going off....cake 2 is just about done...

Happy baking.
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