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Candy fillings

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I recently just began making candies. I do mostly solid chocolates and chocolates with peanut butter in them. I was wondering if anyone has any good recipes for creme fillings and caramels??


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Here's something for you. icon_smile.gif:

Molded Candy:

Best Chocolate for Molds:
(And how to temper with cheats.)

Candy Books:


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New to cake decorating but candies are my is a quick and easy one......noone realizes it just 2 ingred.......
1 package Oreo cookie
1 package cream cheese
Just smash cookies into crumbs and combine with cream cheese!!!!! You can than put into molded chocolates or chill and roll into balls than dip!! My BIL hates cream cheese and deors thee..hehe havent told him whats in them!!! Hope you enjoy
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