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Cake with deer hunting theme

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Looking for pictures of cakes with deer on them for my manly man's birthday Thanks!!!!!
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Oh Gosh, I have seen tons of those cakes. Ladycakes site has several. Here are the links. It's a membership site, but it's free for 30 days. take the time to look at the pictures.

Deer Hunter

Deer Cake, Bird watching in chocolate clay

Deer Cake for a hunter

Camo Deer Cake

Another Camo Deer Cake

Deer Hunting cake for someone who has never caught a deer

Here's another really nice one from this site:

Deer Bust

If you Click Here, you can type in the word deer or buck and get back lots of coloring pages to use for ideas.

Good Luck!! thumbs_up.gif
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Here is one I have used so many times with great results. The actual picture of the cake is in the Wilton 2000 yearbook. It is a cake that shows a deer driving and suv with the hunter tied to the top. I didn't use the pan shown in Wilton but did use the picture and put it on a sheet cake. This is one of the most requested cakes I have done. If you do not have the yearbook contact me and I can scan the picture for you. Good luck
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In the reply above, the first one "Deer Hunter" is actually a cake I did and it's super-easy!

In the center, I put two small deer that you can get at most cake decorating stores, put a black circle and lines to make it look like you're looking through a rifle scope at the deer. The rest of the cake is just stars randomly placed to look like camoflauge.

This cake was the hit of the party -- they didn't need to know how easy it was! (except for the wrist cramp from all the stars!)

Good luck with your cake!
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I seen this awesome one on this site, under theme cakes, after you click theme cakes hit the animal "button" and its #17 of 24. Its awesome!
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