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you have to remember that you can't be everything to everyone. I am just starting out, but I already know that I will never be the cheapest cake. But I will have high quality and great taste and wonderful decorations. There are different markets. A Wal-Mart cake is great for people looking for a bargain, but you do usually get what you pay for.

Don't try to compete, and don't feel you have to justify your price. It is what it is. Not everyone will buy from you, but you can't give it away. Your time is valuable too.
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I'm a little rusty on "standard" sizes, but I think you all are nuts to charge $20 for ANY cake. Pricing is hard, I admit. I'm just starting to sell cakes, but I start my 9x13 cakes at $50, and that is just buttercream and a border and basic plaque and message. I add to that if they want gumpaste flowers, decorations, etc. I was hesitant to quote my first order b/c I too thought, well, that is high for a cake, but the customer didn't even blink.
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i called my local target because i had a large cake for the first time, and they only charged 33.00 for a whole sheet that feeds 80!!! ach. so, i called a local bakery, and their price was about 73.00, so that's closer to what i end up charging. i charged 80 recently for a 2- layer 11x15 with a round oval on top decorated to look like a basket of pansies still cheap, but for my area, not too cheap
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Sorry barb, I hope you didn't take offense lol, I wasn't putting down the workers in the store bakeries, just the product and that's not YOUR fault icon_biggrin.gif ! When I worked there they had one cake decorator, and maybe one other person, besides me, that could even write on a cake. But one of my SIL had worked there for a long time, in a kroger bakery, and I know they had started sending just about everyone to classes so that they all could do some basic decorating intead of just one person. And I know the workers wouldn't have the time to bake fresh cakes! But it still makes it harder for someone doing it at home to compete with those prices icon_cry.gif
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That's a good point to smashcakes! I've actually told people that lol, of course they were friends that were ordering. That if you were to go to a "real" bakery, your going to pay alot higher price for your cake! "Real" bakery vs. grocery store that is. So yeah, I guess as long as I stay somewhere in between I should do alright icon_smile.gif
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smashcakes, you just stated it perfectly. personalized cakes aren't competing with grocery store bakeries, they are competing with higher end bakeries. At least that's what I strive to do.

You all should take a look at the fine print at the grocery stores - that basic price is never what people end up paying. if you pick more than one color flower, or if the writing is a different color than the flowers or the leaves, or if you want ANYTHING special, they add it on to the cost and it quickly adds up. Make sure you point that out to people. Price out what your exact cake would cost at your local store (down to the number of colors, etc) using that store's own information, and I'll bet the price difference is a lot less than you (and the customer) thinks it would be.
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I'm new to all of this and I haven't baked cakes for anyone except friends and family (basically freebies) but, I must say, I was intrigued with this topic and everyone's comments thus far. I live in Podunkville in MO, so there aren't many high paying jobs. It's just more feasible for a lot of people. Not because the people are cheapskates, but it's what most people here can afford. There's some expendable income as well and those keep our bakeries here very busy.

In my opinion, Wal-Mart can have their cake and THEY can eat it too. I won't ever buy there because for me nothing says love like a special cake for a special occassion!

Just remember, it takes all kinds to make the world go round and those that feel as we do, will appreciate and pay for a cake that is worth every cent. There's enough business to go around. I mean isn't that what made America great?! Competition?!
You take the cake!!!!
You take the cake!!!!
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My Walmart advertises they do Wedding cakes too......FYI just 2 tiered starting at $138

They showed a really not so pretty one with light blue flowers..... icon_smile.gif

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I don't think that all people relize all the the work that goes into making a good cake. I actually didn't know about the cakes being shipped frozen and the icing coming in non-refrigarated tubs. Yuck!! I don't know if I will every buy a strore bought cake again. And like many of you already stated people will go with a low price before quality because they feel that is more important. I think if the majority of them just read this post they would definatly change their mind on that. Its probably good when you explain the reasons to those who balk at the prices becuase then they may think alittle more about it and relize why its worth the extra $$.
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My "business" (I have not officially hung a shingle, nor will I ever) is all word of mouth. One of the conditions I place on my clients even before ordering is that if they recommend me to anyone, they must tell the individual that I charge more than the local markets including Walmart. My price reflects a quality product in both taste and technique and, when they call on me do to their cake, they can rest assured the time I will invest in their order will be well worth spending a few extra $$.

Then when I get that call saying, "I got your name from _____ ..." I preface that call with, "I presume the reason you are calling me is bc you desire a truely special cake..." I always give them an out by saying the local businesses make 'good' cakes (stretching the truth) but if they want the cake to make a statement, then I would be happy to be in their service. Once that is understood, I then place that same condition on the new client regarding giving my name out to anyone.

I have found that this virtually eliminates the 'sticker price' shock and I have only had one potential client turn me down upon hearing the price.

Oh, one more thing, when I am doing a cake for a friend or when I am testing a new technique and I charge less for the product, I will instruct the client to tell any individual how much I would charge not how much I actually charged. The client doesn't have to lie. They just have to say, "She charges ______ for a cake like this."

Just my 2 cents worth... no, scratch that, make it 4cents.
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Originally Posted by barbaranoel

Hope they enjoy there freezer burnt cardboard grease concoction.


thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif I love that! LOL! icon_razz.gificon_razz.gif
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My 1/4 sheet is 9x13, so 1/2 sheet is two 9 x 13's and a full sheet is four 9 x 13's.

We have some friends that I charge $10 for 1/4 sheet cake. They make over the price. (why wouldn't they, though?!?!)

I've know them for 7 years and they're really great people, but they just don't have much money. They have 2 children and are taking care of one of their their home. They don't strive to better themselves...they settle for most anything. They really don't care.

They know that this is a price for them only, no one else and they also know that they're basically buying the cake ingredients, etc. My gifts are the labor. It doesn't take much to please them. The bratz cake in my photos was the last cake I made for them and they acted like I gave them 1 million dollars or something......they were that pleased with it!

I'm so shocked to hear about all of these frozen cakes, and icing that doesn't even melt under hot water! Yuck! I'm so glad I'm a home baker!!!!

I was just waiting on my turn for someone to turn me down to go to walmart. I just didn't think they'd be so rude about it.

I have enjoyed reading this thread! (But I never expected it to get to 3 pages...WOW!)
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jmt1714 : where do you live? $50+ is a really good price to get out of a 1/4 sheet cake.....wish I could get that much in my area.
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I just wanted to add my view on the cake decorating business.... in my experience of 5+ years, i have never had anyone complain about the pricing of the cake. The reason being that the customers are definitely looking for a special cake more for a centerpiece of the event rather than a dessert, actually. They arent going to find a 14" round cheeseburger cake at the local walmart!! and besides, store frosting and cake is SOOOOO icky!!!!!! so, when they actually have to cut into the centerpiece, they are shocked to find out that not only does it look good, it tastes good tooo!!!!!! icon_biggrin.gif
people know what they are getting at the grocery store for cake.... if they want something special, they know to call us.
If you don't have everything you want, be grateful for the things you don't have that you don't want!
If you don't have everything you want, be grateful for the things you don't have that you don't want!
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Originally Posted by ge978

jmt1714 : where do you live? $50+ is a really good price to get out of a 1/4 sheet cake.....wish I could get that much in my area.

Hey! That's what I'd like to know. Let us in on that, jmt!
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