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Camouflage Cake

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Anyone have any ideas on a cammie cake? I have thought of just using green fondant and then cuting brown and black fondant and gluing them to the green to the green. But, if anyone has any better ideas I am all for it. Don't have to have it done until next month.

Thanks! icon_cool.gif
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Your on the right track... but.....

Instead of cutting out pieces and gluing them on (leaving a layered effect, which you don't want):

Get your different colors together and roll out small pieces (more than one of each color) individually leaving it thicker than you would want the final piece to be. Lay them together in a filled-in circle overlapping slightly. Now roll as one large piece. This will give you one large smooth even piece with your different colors. It's super easy and will give you the exact look you're wanting.

If it doesn't make sense let me know. I'm going to be doing this same effect with fall colors later today. I can take pictures as I go along. I'll check back here before I start.
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No, that makes complete sense. That is what I will do. I had wondered about the layered effect. Thanks! icon_smile.gif
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Good deal! I checked back as I promised and glad to hear I actually explained it well... I'm not real good at that all the time! icon_confused.gif

Make sure you post the cake for us to ooh and aah over!! icon_wink.gif I know it will be great!!
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Hi!! Have you made this cake yet? I've been kind of watching for it. I'm anxious to see it. icon_biggrin.gif
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