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Have you heard of...

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something called Fairytophia? I am sure I dont have it spelled right, but my granddaughter asked me if I would come out of cake making retirement and make my great granddaughters cake.... and said she was into Barbie and Fairytophia..... does anyone know where I can find something on it?
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DO I EVER!!!!!

Fairytopia is part of the Barbie Line....just like they have the beach Barbie and the shopping girl Barbie. They have a Line of Fairy Barbies, they are popular because thats the lastest Barbie movie that has come out.

they are so cute
Im so glad I have a little girl.........I love Barbie Dolls.

Im sure that if you visit the mattel site then you could find something.....
they sell them at Walmart, Target and Toys RUS as well as many other places.....
I didn't choose cake decorating.......cake decorating chose me!
I didn't choose cake decorating.......cake decorating chose me!
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I wish I hadn't! That is my 5 year old's favorite thing at the moment! If you look at the Barbie website--they have pics of the stuff.

I will say,however, that it will be a really pretty cake. The colors in the Fairytopia line are just gorgeous!

Good luck and don't forget to post a pic!

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yes I surprisingly have heard of the fairytopia, I am supposed to do a cake for another shoppette worker here on base.... of course she gave me the option of Barbie or Fairtopia.... I havent started planning it yet, I have three weeks till its due.... when do you have to have yours done?
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This site has big pictures for you to look at...
Just pick a doll and then click on the picture of her to get a larger view.
Also here is a swan lake barbie someone did on this site could do something similar
Good Luck
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Fairytopia is barbies new movie...

Here is the link to babries site and fairytopia
Becky D
Becky D
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Thanks I was getting worried... I had looked all over and seen everything mentioned but I wanted a big picture...and thank you walmarts big picture did ok, but then I had to go into my computer, and the editing program to get it big enough to cover a 9x13 cake. I finally got it big enough.... I think... I took the picture of the styling head one and now I am all tense inside thinking how in God's beautiful green earth I am going to do this... If I had my edible imaging printer....but I dont... I cant get any lustre dust or whatever to help make it sparkle....SO I am thinking a glaze type thing.... i know I can probably do everything except the face... I am really worried about that.... as I have not had a pretty pretty face yet.....ah geesh what am I gonna do..... I cant let this little girl down i was told she has some kind of problem.... I didnt want to get noisy ya know what I mean?
GOOD LUCK MOMOFMOMS!!! Looks like its gonna be needed!
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