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Flavoring w/ liquor?

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Hello All,

Does anyone out there in cookieland know if it's possible to flavor sugar cookies with liquor or liqueurs?

I volunteered to bring a big batch of decorated cookies to a pirate-themed party and I'd like to flavor them with rum or whiskey (or even something tropical like banana liqueur).

Is it as simple as swapping in the booze for the vanilla? I'm new to this - so any help y'all could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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I flavor my cookies with Kahlua sometime!!!
Really yummy!!!
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You can, but rum extract is great. The booze bakes out anyway. I also use Buttershots in my cakes and icing. Yummy.
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Can cream-based alcohol (like Irish Cream) be used also?
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I use various liqueurs to flavor my cookies (spritz cookies, I haven't tried it with the no fails yet). To get the right amount I just replace some of the liquid (about 1/2) in the recipe with the liqueur. After they are mixed, I taste the dough. It needs to be a little stronger (maybe like 25%) than what you would normally say "ah, that's a good amount" because the flavor will mellow quite a bit when you bake it.

I would think this would work for the no fails too, but like I said, I've only done it (extensively) with my spritz cookies.

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I went ahead and made chocolate cookies and added Amarula liquer (tastes like a Bailey's type). I added quite a bit of it (1/3 cup!!) - no one got tipsy, though. I figured the alcohol would bake off. I obviously needed more flour - I just did it by feel. Well, they were great! Before, I found that the cocoa made the cookies a bit bitter and sharp-flavored. With the Amarula, the flavor was creamy and smooth. I'll make them this way again, for sure, maybe with Bailey's next time. YUM!! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif
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cande....your cookies sound great with liquer in them. Could you please give the recipe.
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Thanks for all your help everyone - I really appreciate it!

I'll let y'all know how they turn out.
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Here's a link to some recipes I posted. If you have any questions let me know icon_biggrin.gif
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i always flavor directly into the royal icing for my cookies - the mccormick schilling line has rum, banana. and even coconut flavoring. i add 1 teaspoonful into each batch of icing - the scent of the extracts makes the cookies smell wonderful!
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