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Icing Flavor Selection

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Hi everyone,
I discovered this site a few months ago when i was taking my wilton courses a few months back, and from that moment on, i was hooked! I finished up all 3 courses and have made a few cakes here and there but I do have a few questions and hopefully someone will be able to help me out. When it comes to selecting the icicng flavor how does one choose it? For example, if i was going to make a white cake with maybe coconut milk mixed in there, can i add coconut milk to my buttercream icicng as well, or is that just coconut overkill? AND, if i dont add the coconut milk to the icicng, what do i add to compliment my cake? I have a ton more questions to ask but all in due time (aka im too sleepy to type anymore).

Mnay thanks in advance,

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of course you can but of course you would only want a small amount in there coconut would be overkill if you use too much... also remember coconut milk is thick thick thick...honey is thinner!! So I would mix coconut milk with a little regular.
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Thank you so much for responding! Well i decided to experiment a little and added 1/2c milk and 1/2c coconut milk to my white cake mix ( it called for 1 cup so what the heck!) Its baking right now, so we'll see. How much honey would you use ? a whole cup? Let me know, THANKS!

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