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I gave a coupon for a cake to a coworker for Xmas. Her little boys BD is Jan 2 and she had made the comment when I brought a cake to work that she wished she could afford one for her so .
So I decided to give her the coupon rather than some little gift she wouldn't use. I made a cute little box w/my stamps and put the coupon i made inside it. She accepted it and then on the Monday following when I asked her what she would like she was sorry said she couldn't accept it because she couldn't afford a gift for me! I told her that wasn't the object of the gift and I didn't expect anything in return. She said well maybe I want to make him a cake. I was confused and hurt! Anyway.............. that is the just of it! I did make him a cake last year as a gift and she was elated! Go figure!

I also have a superviser that loves to poke the cakes I bring in for coworkers birthdays! She says they are too perfect and in goes the finger. The first few times I thought it was rude and childish, but I just deal with it now and know she does like the cakes. Strange though isn't it!

I understand your frustration! I agree cookies or a bowl of fruit and save your time and talent for someone else.
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Thank you for posting! The story made me laugh. For a long time I would just get angry when I retold the story. I never did talk to my "friend" after the party. Shocking as her actions proved, the cake got good reviews. Though I bit my tongue while eatting the cake I had given as a gift, a little piece of me felt good that it was being enjoyed by someone. I would rather someone eat the cake versus having it decorate a dumpster. Honestly some people don't realize what a true gift it is to get a cake made with care.

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PennySue, that is such a cute story! Thanks for sharing!
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Isn't it funny how possesive we get of our cakes! I feel exactly the same way!! Other people see just a cake that can be bought and the shop but to us, we're putting our hearts into it and really showing who we are. That's why each and every cake is unique and special. If you're getting a cake made for a special occasion -- wouldn't you want the cake perfect for them to see. I think by damaging the cake you made not only show disrespect to you but for who the cake was for as well!! I don't know that I would want to do another cake for them in the future.
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There will definitely not be any free cakes in their future. If they want to pay me, that's something different. icon_wink.gif
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Kinda ot, but auntiecake it sounds to me like your coworker may be seeing your cakes & feeling a little jealous. She probably thinks "Oh, I can do that, it doesn't look so hard". I wouldn't get my feelings hurt, she'll have a new respect for you after she tries to make her first cake.
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I was reading through threads and found  your post. I know exactly what you mean!


Last year, I was new to the area and was invited to a Christmas party at church.

We were to bring desserts -  I'm thinking this is a good way for people to see and taste one of my cakes.

So I make this 10 inch round layered red velvet, white cream cheese icing and filling, covered with roses, on a beautiful pedestal. So when it its cut, it's this beautiful red inside, white roses on the outside-a presentation!


I walk through the door with it and the 'kitchen people' come take it from my hand, to the kitchen, slice it up, put it on paper saucers and put them on the dessert table. :-(


I had spent so long on that! Man!! Of course, I just smiled and went on. That's what we have to do sometimes. SMH ! I did still get compliments on the taste.

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I'm so sorry to hear of such disrespect. People that don't do caking have no clue of how much time,money and heart it takes to make a special cake.I will be praying that this doesn't affect your relationship with your friend. I doubt I would make another cake for them.

I understand fully how you feel,this year I had the honor to make my niece's wedding cake(4 tier that she loved and exactly what she wanted ) My dear sister inlaw said "too may flowers" another niece said " that icing was too sweet" My response was and it was said with love "from now on y'all can pay me for these cakes"   

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