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How much should I charge for a decorated cookie??

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I'm slowly starting to sell my cookies to people, but I don't know how much to charge. I was thinking...
$1.15 for a regular decorated cookie (writing and stuff)

What do you think? Remember I'm just starting, you can see my photos for a few things that I've done.

And what do you all charge? If you don't mind me asking.

Thanks for your help

BTW: Is that software worth it, and what is it called?
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Oh and pricing for maybe; small, medium, and large cookies

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I charged $1.25 for the individual ones like in my pictures
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maybe it depends on where you live in the states but I think $1.15 is far too little to ask for your decorated cookies. I live in Seattle and I also sell my cookies and I sell mine for between $3.00-$5.00. Three dollars being the smallest and $5.00 being the largest and more intricate of designs. I'm pretty good at decorating but I'm no Toba Garrett or anything! I package mine up very nicely with cellophane bags and coordinating ribbon and usually in a gift bag with tissue paper (with no extra charge). I think you should ask at least $3.50 for your larger ones and that would be a bargain.[/i]
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There was an answer to this a while back ago and when I read it I thought it made perfect sense $1 per inch.
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I am just flabergasted at the low, low prices some of the people on the site charge. I live in Los Angeles and it's hard to find a piece of gum less than a buck. Just remember, if you plan to start a business for yourself it will be hard to up your prices. Most likely for your first customers you will always have to underprice your baked goods. Just came back from T.J.Maxx and they were charging more than that for stale cookies. Am I too outspoken?
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Many people, such as those who live in a more rural area, cannot get as much for their cookies and/or cakes as those living in large, metropolitan area. I have only made a few cookies for people and I charged $10/dozen. That may be pretty cheap, but the lady here in town who has been doing cookies for 20 or 30 years or more, charges less than $5 a dozen. Hers don't have intricate designs on them, but they are decorated and they are delicious. She's just never upped her prices. I charge more than my local grocery store and Walmart for cakes, but I still can get no where near the prices a large city would get. It would be nice, but there are very few people who are willing to pay a huge amount in my area.
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Thank you for your imput. I am rethinking the amount. I live near LA in a large city. I think my next step is to go from $1.15 to $1.50 for small cookies.

I like the idea for a buck an inch, but I don't know if I'm good enough to sell them at that rate. Maybe in a year or two. Thanks for the ideas on how to charge, but I wish their was a formula for hours x price of each cookies x icing. If anyone knows of a way to figure it out, I would love to see it. Thanks again.

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