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Hi Joe,

Hey thanks, I'll have to make a trip out to those places. I have a friend (though she doesn't makes cakes) that lives in New Baltimore so maybe I get her to make the Pt Huron run with me.

I do have 2 places down by me. One is Margies and the other Lorna's though I haven't made it over to Lorna's yet. Margie's is fabulous and has EVERYTHING.

Where is Marysville?


I'll have to check out Margie's when I'm in that neck-of-the-woods. Marysville is just south of Port Huron. Hey, let me know when you go to Create-a-Cake. If I'm not busy or working, (just bought a house and the wife is cracking the whip icon_smile.gif ) I'll meet you guys up there. thumbs_up.gif