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Edible Transfers

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Are edible transfers easy and how do you do them?
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YOu can find them everywhere, but not in the stores. they are usually used on Chocolates. they are somewhat cheap and comes in a lot pf designs.. Beryls Cake Supply has them, sugarcraft and flour Pot.. they are like big plastic sheet w/ designs icon_smile.gif
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Frozen buttercream transfers are relatively easy nd there is a great tutorial on this site:

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Oops!! I mean the edible images like pictures that you see on cakes. I have posted a picture to my favorite list that has toile printed on it.
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I'm sorry, I thought you meant the ones you put on chocolates.. icon_lol.gificon_smile.gif
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Thanks for the tip on chocolate cakes too!! icon_smile.gif
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Edible images are easy if you have the equipment. It requires a printer with a food coloring ink instead of normal printing ink. The one we use is the Bakery Crafts combo it has a scanner connected to the printer so the two work as one unit. Some grocery store will print them for you for fee but they are bound by copyright law and dont' like to do licensed material with out permission.
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Certain Canon printers work great for edible images. I have the canon ip3000. I find it very easy to use and it prints really nice images. I order exclusively from kopykake...I just love their products! icon_smile.gif
Sharing is caring.
Sharing is caring.
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im tempted in starting this. Do you use the printer for both printing normally, and printing edible images? or is the printer just solely used for edible images? Also, can you buy the frosting sheets, and edible inks at a cake decor shop? TY.
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I use my printer exclusively for edible images. I just don't think it would be a good idea to change them back and forth.
As far as the icing sheets, they don't sell them at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I'm pretty sure you can get them from sugarcraft. You would have to check any cake decorating shops in your area to be sure.

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I have not seen the icing sheets at our Michaels. I use a cake shop down by Knott's Berry Farm to get mine from (since I don't have a dedicated printer and would not do enough to make it cost effective to get one). They are very reasonably priced and work really well. I've even cut them to put on cup cakes (peek at my photos for some examples). For smaller images (like the ones for the cup cakes) you can hold the frosting sheet and gently apply it, but, they do tear very easily. Kind of reminds me of really thin taffy in how it breaks. The larger sheets, I was told to slide them off the backing onto the cake then smooth it. It's kind of hard to line up that way (IMO) but it does work. I actually lifted the entire image after breaking the seal to the backing plastic and gently layed them on the cakes from the center point first then laying both edges down simulataneously (if that makes sense) then smoothing them when I did the cakes for the audubon. They can be a lot of fun (and I plan on doing more of them! just not enough to warrant buying a dedicated printer).
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