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keeping cakes fresh

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onec you have decorated your cake, how do you keep them fresh? Don't they need to be covered?
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Define "fresh". Lots of threads on here on how bakeries keep cakes frozen for a year before they pull them out and ice them. So anything under 6 months is "fresh"? icon_eek.gif

Seriously, I've posted this story a number of times but baked my daughter's shower cake on Thursday for a Sat shower .... ate leftover cake the next Wed (7 days later) and it tasted as fresh as it was on day one.

I saw one thread in which a client expected the wedding cake to be baked "that morning" so it would be "fresh".

Once a cake is iced, it's sealed and it seals in the freshness .... much like that loaf of bread you bought at the store last week that is now over a week old .... and you're still eating it.

Define "fresh". icon_wink.gif
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On the counter covered with icing? I would say 7-10days. In the freezer, uniced and sealed? Lord only knows! But it would be a very long time!!! I have learned that the ONLY way I will decorate a cake is straight out of the freezer with the cake froze solid (ESPECIALLY A CHOCOLATE ONE!). I think the freezer does something for the cake....I am wondering if it doesn't trap some moisture molecules in the freezing process and they are thawed with the cake; therefore making the cake more moist. Just my 2cents....
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I've heard on here that some people wrap the cake in saranwrap after the first 15mins of cooling (when you remove from pan). They say that it is really moist. I have not tried it yet, but hey maybe one day when I have more time to spend on a cake.

As for the Freezing how long do you freeze your cakes???? I mean I've put like the baby blocks in the freezer so I could ice them without crumbs but other than that I've never froze a cake unless it was from Dairy
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