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LOL, that's so funny, you sound like me at a craftshow. I can't tell you how many things I haven't purchased becasue, " I can make that at home" and well just never have the time. It goes forgot and then the next craft show, there I am looking at the same thing saying the same thing. I think that's why my husband doesn't mind me going, LOL.
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I have plastic and metal. Would love copper but, to expensive for me right now. What is the appeal besides look of copper cutters? Yes there is a difference between metal and plastic, but I still think the plastic work fine. I just give them alittle extra "wiggle" before lifting them out.

Do you belong to any Cookie clubs? Since getting into cookies, I've been searching for more info and clubs or groups, etc. I found one that has chapters in some states but wasn't to sure on there reputation. It's Has anyone every heard of them? Do you know of any others? There few stores around here that sell cake supplies and even FEWER that sell cutters.
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Both, plastic and metal but I prefer metal since they are sharper.
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I have both...I like the plastic better because the metal tends to bend out of shape...but I have found more unusual ones made of metal.

I also found plastic is easier for the little ones to handle! (more stable)

I haven't had any rusting problems...
Gotta have more cowbell!
Gotta have more cowbell!
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I don't belong to any clubs. I have a girlfriend that belongs to one. They send her a new cutter each month, along with recipes. She doesn't make as many cookies as I do - she's more into cakes. The cutters she gets usually come with a card showing various decorating styles. Some are way cute. I never considered joining a club before since I own so many already and have been decorating cookies most of my life. My mom was pretty much Betty Crocker Jr. while I was growing up. Now my daughter is following in our footsteps - she's only four and has mastered rolling and cutting better than my husband. They think it's fun to join me in the kitchen, but personally I'd rather they stayed out of my way when I'm trying to fill a bouquet order. When it's baking for fun or trying out new shapes then I enjoy having them there.

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Does she seem happy with her membership? Just always looking for ways to surround myself with all this stuff!

I know the feeling of little ones, i have three girls. WE spend alot of time in the kitchen. Sometimes that's good, sometimes... not so good. lol
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