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Non dairy whipped topping

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Hi decorators, I am new to this forum and have really been doing some great reading. All of you gals have given me some very informative ideas and information on some things I have been doing wrong, for that I thanks you all. But for now would any of you have a recipe for non dairy whipped topping. I wanted to try it on a cake. Thanks so much irisinbloom
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I went to a class for Ice & Fill, it is a product that is non-dairy and delicious. It is made by a company called Cremes Unlimited in IL. Here is there 800 number so you can find out where to get it.

WARNING: If you do get some, make sure it is your last stop before home as it needs to be kept frozen, also, when you go to use it, let it thaw in the fridge for 7 days.

Let me know if you get it, I have a few recipes I would be willing to share.

Cremes Unlimited

Ask about the Ice-N-Fill product.

(When My mom called, it was a voice mail, they got back to her within a day or two and she called on a Sunday)
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hey jenn do you know if they ship???? and how much is it????
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I think you have to get it from a distributor. If they do ship it is in LARGE quantities.

I get it from Sweet Celebrations (formerly known as Maid of Scandanavia) and it costs about $8 (In MN) a carton and is well worth it!

Good Stuff Maynard!! icon_lol.gif
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Ok oafter some searching this is what i found. Dairy queen and baskin robins uses this stuff. I am goingt o call my local stores to see how much it is. i will let you guys know for sure.

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ok so yesterday i called everywhere i could think of and only one place sold their non dairy whipped icing. it was one of our grocery stores called Super One. not sure if they are just in east texas or what. they wanted 12.50 a container and said to be safe i should get 2. um thats ok i think i will pass. Our sams club sells it but in such a huge batch i would waste over half of it.
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Susan, I don't know what brand it is, but Cake Carousel here in Richardson carries this topping, I think they told me $8 a quart, I also passed on that until later...but you could check on it when you come to shop. Janice
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