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Thanks for the website. I'll chech it out now.
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obviously Ms Peters can do what she wants and get paid BOO KOO bucks to do so!!!!! To say you can't stand someone because of one cake, and never met her is a bit puerile ...I cant see some of them at my functions...but I am not elaborate like that, sophisticated enough either.
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Re the projector set from Michael's. I purchased a set like this (around $40 with the pole extension to hold it up over a cake), was so excited to think I'd saved so much money! This is made to project on a wall, and I could never get it small enough and focused enough to use on a cake, and put it back in the box, and eventually purchased a KopyKakes on eBay. I still have the first projector I'd bought it online and would have cost almost as much to return it as to keep it, but I'll never use it! Janice
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Flavy, I love your response "obviously Ms Peters can do what she wants and get paid BOO KOO bucks to do so!!!!! To say you can't stand someone because of one cake, and never met her is a bit puerile"

I had to look up "puerile" to be sure it meant what I thought...definitely childish, and petty too, in my opinion! I can't stand people who are so willing to "bash" somebody for their work.

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Originally Posted by p106_peppy

I don't care for collette peters ever since she one the four seasons wedding cake thing. Her cake looked neither like a wedding cake, or the four seasons.

Hmmm... now was it her fault she won with a cake that did fit the contest rules OR was the judges' fault.... ?

Even though I saw that cake and honestly can agree with you that it did not fit the description of the contest, I completely hold the judges responsible.. not Collette. It's not her fault if they let her slide. They need to be held to the integrity needed to be a judge to begin with.
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I saw that Wedding Cake challenge and I loved it! I loved the whole show. Some of the cakes from that show are featured in one of 2004 issues of American Cake magazine. I don't remember the month but it features "wedding cakes".

Okay, I really wanted to say..........Montanakate, I do the same darn thing! All the people looking at the discount books have to litterally step over me!!! LOL icon_rolleyes.gif

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That sounds like a nice relaxing thing to do!! Sit in the book store drinking a moca!!!! I might just do that on Friday!! I have seen so many books there that I want I wish I could buy them all!!! I'm an ELVIS fan & I saw his book!! I almost bought it. It had his favorite recipes & every detail of his wedding cake! Even the recipe! That was something else!

You GO FLAYVURDFUN!!! I love Colette Peters!!!! She can do whatever kind of cake she wants & it will turn out beautiful!! She seems to be a very nice lady! I wish I could sit down with her & talk cakes!!!

"Learn from a turtle... it only makes progress when it sticks it's neck out"
"Learn from a turtle... it only makes progress when it sticks it's neck out"
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No, I wish I could have Collette Show Me How and work under her! I learn faster hands on, even if I do something wrong! icon_smile.gif
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what I find very interesting is people bashing other peoples cakes high cost or not when gee, show me you know how to decorate more then slapping frosting on.
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Wow! I just looked at Colette's site. Her cakes are amazing and I can see why she would charge that much...that's nothing for the work that must go into them. That would be something to be able to learn from her.
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I tell you that is the most relaxing part of my week, you know the mocha and book thing icon_smile.gif I try to do it as often as possible, and I tell you I lose 2 hours in there easy, then it's hurry up and get back to the real word to get things done!! Oh well, I guess that's my moment that it just all my own. Try it, it might become a good habit like this website.
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I have to say this, it is one thing to perhaps not like the colours or design or think that perhaps something was outside of the guidelines for a contest, but that is a matter of taste and a matter of opinion. However I do not know how anyone could critique the talent this lady so obviously has and parts of this thread really bothered me. I wondered if they bothered anyone else and now I see they did.
From all accounts I have read and any appearances I have seen this lady make, well she is both very talented and also appears to be very nice. And obviously people are willing to pay the big dollars for her cakes and that is based on her reputation. So if she can get these dollars, well good for her, she worked hard to get to this point.
Am I jealous that she has assistants to mix up the icing and do the clean-up, haha, you betcha!
I never could understand how some people can not appreciate quality, even when perhaps it isn't their taste. Seems to be the general consensus here that she does quality work!
Hugs Squirrelly
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I agree, SQC. I do agree that she should not have won that contest and it was judged very unfairly according to their own guidelines. But that has nothing to do with the quality of the decorating on the said cake. It was a fantastic cake! period.

I also personally am not a huge fan of the Lamberth (sp?) method and the way the cake looks... but I certainly appreciate the work and detail and talent that goes in to it.

I don't like Opera... but I acknowledge it takes one heck of a talented person to perform it well!! I also agree that the operatic singer has no business winning a pop contest just because she sings opera well......
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Hi kiddo,
Nothing drives me crazier than hearing a trained opera voice singing pop or rock, it is just too affected and I do like some opera. Haha, I have a vision of Pavarotti singing Bohemian Rhapsody, now that is about as classical rock as you can get , but...
Yes, it wasn't her fault that the judges didn't abide by the guidelines, she certainly didn't force them to declare her the winner.
Hugs Squirrelly
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