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could I have the directions too please ?
Thanks a lot
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icon_biggrin.gif I think it is very kind of you to is my email, if you would please share them with me. TIA!
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Thanks Flav I got mine. BTW, thank you to the person that posted the link for the picture too. I was trying to figure what they looked like in my head.
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glad to know someone other than me was interested in these cute little guys.. i have not tried them yet.

how thick do you do the royal icing, i wonder? and i wondered how you get the head shape???
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I asked my aunt...and she said the consistency needs to be able to hold least a medium. she has done them with thick icing and medium..said the medium consistency holds great...
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Could you please email me with the instructions as well. My email address is

Thanks so much.
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you have the patience of a saint....
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who me?????????? if so, then nah! Just try to find time for me to be or do what I want...... and if I can help then I am here.
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Hi Flayvurdfun,

I would it be possible to get a copy of the instructions?? Has your aunt made the bride and groom bubble gum buddies?? Would anyone have instructions on how to do those?? Please let me know.

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just sent it~
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Thank you very much! I'm sure I wil have funt his weekend icon_smile.gif
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cant wait to hear how it goes......
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Hi flavy,

did you send me the instructions? I didn't get it yet if you did. My email is

By the way, I love your avatar icon_smile.gif
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They look so darn cute I'd just love those directions myself!

Please send to

Thank ya muchly!
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Hi I was wondering if I could get the instructions for the bubble gum bride and groom buddies too?
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