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tropical buttercream

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I've seen several post that say they were iced with tropical buttercream. Does someone have a recipe for this they would share?

Thanks so much!
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It must be my one you saw there.
I use:
500 gram butter
1000 gram confectioners sugar
2 - 3 teaspoons of vanilla sugar
2 drops of tropical essense (or any essense you like)
2 eating spoons of milk (if the mix is a bit hard)
Beat it for about 5 minutes or more.

I hope you understand it, my english is not perfect and I do not know all the right words.

This is the buttercream I mostly use.
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Where do you get tropical essence?
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I've never seen tropical essence...but I was thinking you could use pineapple and/or bannana extracts (or even mix in some citrus)!
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Adding coconut flavoring too! Oh... that's sounds so yummy! I have used coconut flav in my icing. It is soo good! I would like to use banana, I love bananas!
"Learn from a turtle... it only makes progress when it sticks it's neck out"
"Learn from a turtle... it only makes progress when it sticks it's neck out"
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It all sounds great.
I do not know if the essense we have here in norway also stays in the us. But just add your favorit flavor and it will be great.

My other favorit flavors is cherry, coconut, banana, lime and rasberry.
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I have a flavoring called "creme bouquet" and it has sort of a citrus flavor to it. I'll try this recipe using creme bouquet in place of tropical essence. Thanks elin!
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ohhhh! You can find tropical essesence in the with the candy making stuff! It's more like an oil I think and comes in a teeny tiny bottle icon_smile.gif
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I like to use a mixture of half pineapple half coconut extract, I usually use one teaspoon of each and then add more to taste. It tastes kinda like a pina colada. Yummy!
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OOOHHHHH....that sounds delicious! Must try that for sure! Thanks for sharing icon_smile.gif
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Thanks for all the ideas. Now I'm ready to hit the kitchen and make some icing. But first I am going to have to find some coconut flavoring.
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I just picked some passion fruit flavoring up at our local chef supply store. It was in the candy section and I didn't know if it would work for icing, but I bought it anyway, because it sounded so good. Thanks for the good advice, I will definetly give this a try on my next cake. SARAH
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