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Charms in a wedding cake

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Hi, I have been requested to put charms in a wedding cake that I am making.

the tradition is that each charm is attatched to a ribbon and the bridesmaids pull the ribbon and the charm out of the cake.

What I am looking for is pictures and how to's .

I am making the cake with rolled fondant,

Thanks in advance for all your advice!!

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Here is a link that I believe will help you in making this cake. The link explains all the different type of charms and their meanings. It also includes different pictures of how they've been use on cakes. Hope this helps you.
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My best friend did this both on her shower cake and the wedding cake. On the shower cake, she made a bundt cake and put all the charms in the hole in the middle and covered it with flowers and had the ribbons draped over the side of the cake.

For the wedding cake, she placed all the charms under the middle layer and had the ribbons draping down the side of the cake. She wrapped them in wax paper envelopes so they wouldn't get covered in icing and cake.
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I just did this for my aunt's wedding. It's a big tradition in New Orleans. If you can find the charms, make your own! They can start running at $4 a piece if you buy them already made. We always have a ring charm for the next to get married and a button or a thimble for the old maid.
The last one I did was covered in fondant. Put the charms at the bottom of the cake after you've iced it. Slip them under the bottom layer. Then put the fondant over the cake. Make sure when you trim off the fondant to be careful to not cut the ribbons.
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You can buy packaged charms from Sugarcraft or Wiltons. I believe 8 charms are less than $15.00
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