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Do you mean the plywood base that supports the whole cake?
Well, I generally cover it with material and use quilting batten, much the look that Earlene's cake bases have at Or with material alone that I glue gun on the back of the board. I wash dry and iron the material I will be using - lace, or material with organza or tulle or a velvet, brocade, curtain lace etc.
You can get the Wilton foils or the florist foils or any type of foil wrap that doesn't state that it contains lead.
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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I've just learned something new! I wondered how that look was done, don't know why I hadn't figured it out before.(quilting batten) Thanks SquirrellyCakes!
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JSCakes, use the cheapest filler you can find, to save money, even some of the Christmas "snows" work well for this or the batten, whatever comes cheap as some of these products are super expensive! If the fabric is delicate or sheer or loose weave, you may want to line with a cheap cotton over the batten so that it doesn't come through the material that shows.
Don't laugh but I do a bit of upholstery and started experimenting with using fabric before I ever saw Earlene's puff bases. Hers are really lovely, but when I saw them, I thought, hhmn, wonder if she is using the same thing!
For some fabrics I cover the top part where the cake will sit with that clear contact/shelf plastic stuff, if I think the material may stain, but you know, generally I don't really find it to be a problem. Just stay away from any fabric that will bleed when wet and anything that tends to shed fibres.
Sometimes I use upholstery remnants that are really cheap to buy. I like putting organza over a different coloured fabric for an unusual look.
Meant to say that most fabrics can just be glued, stapled or taped to the bottom and they are fine.
Oh yeah and for a different look, you can screw or glue little feet to the bottom of the board and raise it up enough to put flowers underneath. Generally though, this works best with at least 3/4 inch plywood. Heehee, almost an ottoman cake stand!
Hubby always makes some comment about having a cake stand that doubles as a chair or footstool, haha! I have to stop watching those designer shows, geesh!
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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What a great covering! Does the bride keep the board, or do you ask for it back? I did ask for the last one back that I made, was that in bad taste? (It was for a friend's daughter and I know she would never use it for anything anyway) Those designer shows are great, hubby and I watch many of them together!
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Not in bad taste at all, in fact most folks take a deposit for the boards as they aren't cheap and like you said, not much use to the bride, except maybe as a stool, haha!
I remove the fabric and re-wash it and it can be used again or for something else.
Funny thing, I found organza material really cheap on sale and once I found out how durable it is, well I bought several yards and made sheers for my daughter out of it. It is so much more durable that the actual curtain sheer fabric, it doesn't pull easily and it has such a nice sheen to it, I just love it. Gosh, I got it for less than a dollar a yard.
I also do this with the foil covered boards, doubled or tripled for lighter weight cakes, I cover them with fabric and sometimes the batten underneath and do a braid trim along the side or a ribbon.
I sew so I always have some fabric remnants around and that way nothing goes to waste. Sometimes I find that it is cheaper than covering with foil or some form of paper.
When you use the batten, the easiest way to get a neat job is to treat it like an upholstery job and to staple and pull the fabric in 4 opposite corners to get it smooth and then just pull and tighten and stretch the fabric and staple the rest down. Or glue the rest down.
Heehee, that is what we should do with fondant, put batten under it and staple it, it might be easier to smooth, joking!
Yes those shows are addictive and dangerous!
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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