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Yes, they do make digital electric ovens (if that's what you were talking about sunlover)! I have one that I got 6 months ago--it is wonderful! It has so many options I haven't even used yet(you can set the oven to start cooking even when you aren't at home!)

About the convection oven, when I was taking Wilton courses my instructor said that she didn't recommend baking cakes in them. She had a convection oven but never used it for her cakes.
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Hmm, wonder if I can talk my fiance into buying me a digital one! Do you find it to be more accurate in temperature than the dial ones?

I never realized how much my oven temperature fluctuated until I bought that thermometer. That $2 thing has caused me too much anxiety!! icon_lol.gif

I can't wait to try the other oven, but its sitting in my garage right now.
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Well, I have read about a few problems with digital thermometers not really being accurate on the new stoves. Apparently even though there are guarantees, sometimes when the oven thermometer says the oven is at 350F and ready, it really isn't so people end up having to buy an oven thermometer and insert it in the oven or figure out how long after it says it is at the temperature, that it actually is. There were some posts about this on Wilton, that Jeanne G was part of.
Covering a cake with foil, well not a good idea, partly because when it rises, it will stick to the foil and also because the foil reflects back heat onto the cake and may overcook the cake. When this is useful is when you have a cake in the over when the sides are cooked enough, but the centre isn't, and you just cover the edges with foil.
With a convection oven, well you are supposed to be able to bake on all three shelves at the same time. You can, but I find to a varying degree of browning on the lower two shelves, even when following manufacturer's instructions. Now it isn't that they do not cook, they do, but I do not find that the browning is as even and I am super fussy about things like that.
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I have a GE model digital and it is wonderful. The temperature is definitely accurate!
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Sorry, I wasn't clear here, I am not talking about the separate thermometers, I meant the actual oven thermostat, couldn't think of that word when I posted, geesh, I have to get more sleep. I meant that there has been a lot of bad press about the digitally controlled thermostats in the ovens, not the separate thermometers.
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Originally Posted by SquirrellyCakes

Don't know how expensive they are where you are, but here they are super expensive.
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Very expensive here, too.... which is why it will be a while before I buy. We just spent all this money on the other renovations... I'm tapped out. And I refuse to finance this project. We only finance cars, houses and emergencies... now, if my oven were to breakdown today....... icon_rolleyes.gif
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Geesh Dawn, now don't be tempting fate, I hope you knocked on wood when you said that! Everytime I say something like that, it happens and I am not usually superstitious!
I don't think you can bake on a hotplate, so watch out!
Hugs Squirrelly
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hehehehe- I know! I'm the same way-

Hot plates: Once during a black out, I baked a lasagna (fro scratch) and a frozen pizza ON TOP of my kerosene heater (the kind with a flat top)....

Can't stop me!! hehehehe
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Heehee, creative cooking!
Hugs Squirrelly
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I guess I'm in the minority, but I love my convection oven! Everyone raves about how moist my cakes are, and they bake up so evenly. I would never bak a cake in another oven! I do bake at 325 thought. icon_smile.gif
My drug of choice is FROSTING!
My drug of choice is FROSTING!
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