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Originally Posted by SquirrellyCakes

Originally Posted by angie941mx

Thanks to all for offering to me yours knowledge, tips and comments in my doubt.
I was lucky to read again my question in the forum before to make my experiment and found more information
I am not going to use the whole wheat flour to 100 % only one small part as yours advices they say, I hope to have soon comments with the use of the whole wheat flour

Bonjour Angie,
Je suis en Ottawa. J'aie une amie (Meg1) en Montreal. Ok, I understand more French than I can speak. She is on another site, and presently attending a Patisserie course in Montreal. Elle parle francais.
Hugs Squirrelly

Bonjour SquirrellyCakes

Je suis a Montreal (westisland) je ne parle pas bien l'anglais et le français
Je parle l'espagnol , je suis mexicaine j'ai arrive au Canada 2002.
J'adore faire des gâteaux , J'ai commencé l'année passée je suis très nouvelle dans le sujet des gâteaux et j'apprends seule je n'ai pas pris de cours de pâtisserie ou de gâteaux.
une question ton amie donne les cours ou elle va aux cours

adieu et j'espère apprendre beaucoup de toi.
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I find that both your English and French are good!
My friend Meg is a student in a patisserie course in Montreal, not a teacher. She is very talented, a wonderful decorator and also a very nice person! She may be able to give you information on where she gets her baking supplies in the Montreal area.
I am happy that your cake turned out good!
Glad to see you on the site, welcome!
Hugs Mary Lou
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Sorry, I didn't realize you were in Canada. I don't know if or how much whole wheat flour would or wouldn't work. I only tried this particular whole wheat pastry flour with cookies, cookie bars, etc. I was just saying the flour seemed a lot different than regular whole wheat flour. It's much softer & very silky to the touch. I hope I didn't mess up your cake! icon_redface.gif

The site is
-bakersofcakes icon_smile.gif
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