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Angel, the best thing you can do is experiment and try out the method so you will be comfotable with it. Haven't tried that recipe, but have done one similar. If you are talking about a regular stacked cake, it should be fine. Again, if you cover a cake with fondant, you need a good dense cake that can support the weight of the fondant and the weight of the other cakes. The dowelling and boards support the other cakes, but only if the cakes are dense enough to support the dowels. Even a small fondant covered cake, weighs a lot. Likely why it was originally used to cover fruitcake. So if your cake is a really lightweight sponge cake, well it just cannot handle the weight.
But you are really wise to experiment ahead of time and then you will know what to expect.
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I have a nother question that I don't think has been addressed:

Does candy clay act the same as fondant? or will it freeze well?
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Well, you know I never have frozen it and I will tell you why. Generally with freezing chocolate, well it is more likely to crack and break and so since candy clay is chocolate with corn syrup added, well I thought that the cracking would be an issue, also I suspect when it defrosts it would likely have an oil issue or a slime issues. Now that is really just a guess.
I know you can make it up several weeks ahead and you are told by Wilton to store it at room temperature, sealed in a bag or container.
I would say that your best bet would be to do a small trial cake and see what happends after it has been frozen for at least the time frame you have in mind for another cake. I say this because there is a difference for how a certain type of iced cake turns out when frozen for a week or two or for a month.
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I have tried the Chocolate Explosion cake and it is very rich and chocolately. I frosted it with chocolate buttercream and poured ganache over the top. Very rich, but oh, so yummy. I have frozen it and it freezes well too. The one I froze didn't have any ganache on it just the chocolate buttercream. I made two 10" rounds. icon_biggrin.gif

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Yes, I don't find that freezing a buttercream iced cake effects the taste as long as it isn't frozen for a really long time. What I do find it that it does effect the texture of the icing and this is more noticable when you cut it. A character cake, done with stars for instance, when done with the all shortening recipe, the stars tend to break off in a few rows, sort of crumbly. Still tastes fine, just a bit messier and the icing is a bit drier than when it hasn't been frozen. Why I know this is that I have a friend who frequently freezes her iced cakes and this is what happens when you cut them.
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