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I have been so lucky to find this page.
And my english will soon be great. (I think anyway)

Today I have promissed my boys I will make a cake just for our self.
They got a bit upset last week when I made a cheescake. They hate that one. But I loved it.
Like to have fun with the cake today.
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OK, going to try this, after talking with the family I think I may be able to get this to you correctly, if not the english translation is below...

Jeg tror at Deres engelsk er meget god for en ny learner. Jeg betrakter meg selv meget heldig møtt De på dette forum.

I think your english is very good for a new learner. I consider myself very lucky to have met with you on this forum.
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That is so great. You have the tuch of the norwegian language. I am proud of you. It would have looked like you have lived here for some time. Just a few grammar wrong. Many of my friends do not know that polite way of talk like you. Very good.
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hey dont get me wrong...I had to talk with my mom, and uncles and such to get that sentence out...I only knew a couple of words! Its like the German language. I got software to teach me enough to get what I want when I am out and about.... I just love trying though!
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Lovley anyway. You made my face smile, and that is good.
I can walk in germany and get my self round, but I do not remember much of the writing. I sometimes talk with my husbands sister children in Bonn. And that will be a mix of tamil-enlish-german language. A terrible mix. icon_smile.gif
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Hi elin...I know that it's not easy writing in english when it's not your language ! But good for you ! I'm very happy too to know i'm not the only one...I'm french !

And like you , i'm very happy to be here , in this site. EVERYBODY is wonderful , fun and very helpfull. So I don't fell very shy when I have a question to ask...

Bonne journee a tout le monde et longue vie a Cakecentral !
( Have a nice day everybody and a long life to cake central ! ) icon_lol.gif

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Même à vous Annie! (No I dont speak French, but a friend here does)
Glad you are here also!
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Nice to hear you too, angelkiss013.
I have no idea about french, but my sisters boyfriend know a bit.
That is just so neet. To meet friends from all over.

I am now looking the postman coming this way. I am waiting for my cakemagazin today. Hope it comes. icon_smile.gif
Like a child, I am waiting every month. Whit the same happiness each time.
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My magazin did not come.
Ooooo what a day.
I must wake up tomorrow with the other leg maybe icon_smile.gificon_smile.gif
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