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Measurement question - for bc and MMF

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Hello! I am going to try cali4dawn's bc recipe, but I need to know how much a 'stick' of butter is. I'm in Alberta and I can only get butter in 1 lb it 1/2 cup like the square cubes of margarine? Appreciate any help answering my silly question icon_smile.gif

While I'm at it - the MMF recipe calls for 16 oz of marshmallows, our bags are marked in grams - are mini marshmallows preferable or regular size?

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Hi there,
I am in Canada's capital, a stick of butter is 1/2 cup or 1/4 pound of butter.
Which marshmallow fondant recipe are you using? I will check if there is one on this site. Don't forget there is a big difference between 16 ounces of anything measured by cups and the actual weight of 16 ounces. Most folks do use miniature marshmallows.
Be right back,
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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Hi SquirrellyCakes! Thanks for your help. I have to say I love your avatar - it's so cute - love squirrels icon_smile.gif
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Oh, I forgot to mention, the MMF recipe was the one from this site. icon_smile.gif I can't wait to try it! Anything's got to be better than the wilton stuff. I've made my own regular rolled fondant from a scratch recipe but it tasted terrible too.
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Ok, what you want for the recipe on this site is the 454 gram bag of miniature marshmallows.
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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Heehee, yes Lisa sure found a cute one for me, I love the squirrelly!
Hhmn, well other people have different opinions, but generally, I don't find a lot of difference in the taste of homemade regular rolled fondant, the bought stuff or the marshmallow one. Except for the fact that the marshmallow one generally is applied thinner and tends to melt more into the buttercream underneath it, but when eaten on its own, well, I don't taste a big difference.
Guess you will be the best judge of whether or not you like it though!
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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Thanks so much SquirrellyCakes! Appreciate it! icon_smile.gif
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You are most welcome. What part of Alberta are you in? Kiddiekakes is in Calgary.
Hugs Squirrelly
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I never use the wilton stuff, but make it all my self from the bottom of. It you don't like the taste you can try adding a few drops of clear essens. maybe a strawberry, rasberry, cherry or toffee or something that you like. even almond taste can do. It takes away the yacie sugar taste.
It has worked well for me. Just remember to add a bit confectioners sugar if it gets sticky.
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MMF is supposed to be better to work with..I tried it and I must have done something tasted like the 10x sugar! I am going to try cali's next though!
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Squirrelly - I'm in Northern Alberta, near Grande Prairie. It's about 10 hrs I think to drive to Calgary. My best friend and sis-in-law lives there - we get there maybe once a year.
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Hi Elin! Thanks for the tip icon_smile.gif I'll try and add flavoring to the next batch.
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Hello canadian fellows... I'm from Quebec...Montreal.
But sometime I wish I was in the states , 'cause here , we don't have any Wilton's class ! icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

Bonne journee a tous
( Have a nice day everybody ! )
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I agree AngelKiss! No wilton classes near me either. I've often thought about travelling to the city to take some classes.
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...and I thought of moving ! icon_lol.gif
There's a lot of class that we read about , and books and other stuff.... icon_cry.gif and were not able to go...
Even if we order , think about the S & H and the exchange rate.

Maybe someone will hear our cry icon_wink.gif
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